1. Major features

1.1. Automatically generate verification QR code for certificates

In preparation for the deployment of the onCourse Certificate Verification service, Statements of Attainment and Qualifications can now be printed with a unique QR (Quick Response) code and manual URL verification code.

The Certificate Verification service will allow employers or other RTOs to confirm the certificate was issued to the student named without requiring them phone, or otherwise contact the RTO to request look up of the Certificate number in the register. This web portal feature is currently in testing and will be deployed shortly.

Printing the built in certificate template will allow you to print Statement of Attainment and Qualification certificates with or without a QR code. All RTOs wishing to use the verification portal should check the default location of the QR code on their onCourse certificate report and make adjustments to the background report elements or location of the QR code in the report as necessary. If you wish to add the QR code to existing custom certificate reports, you can contact ish for assistance.

image::images/soa_with_qr_code.png[title='Example Statement of Attainment with a QR code in the bottom right hand corner']

2. Reports and scripts

  • A new CSV export for Attendance was added to the class export options, to show the attendance notes and record of who marked the roll (tutor name or office) and date of marking #29599

  • Improvement to SurveyMonkey API to create a single collector named 'onCourse' so SurveyMonkey basic plan account users can better utilise this integration #29273

  • Simplification of the time zone formatter in groovy for class sessions #29282

  • Auto truncate scripted SMS messages at 160 characters #29038

  • Addition of the outcome marking data date, tutor name who marked the outcome, and VET fee exemption type to the extended outcome export CSV #29594

3. Minor features

  • Improvement to the manual invoice - invoice line user interface, to allow the selection of alternate COS discount accounts and to calculate GST in reverse #28830

  • Simplification to the class cancellation process to remove options relating to charging a cancellation fee. These options are still available for cancelling individual enrolments. #28743

  • Invoice date in Quick Enrol is now editable, and can not be less than the transaction locked date #29239

  • Improvement to the payment reversal process to create a matching, negative payment value for a reversed payment, and allow both payments to be banked #29232

  • Display of reversed payments in banking window in light grey text, to assist with their identification #29806

4. Fixes

  • Re-factoring of class deletion process to improve process speed #26825

  • Improvement to the Tagging user interface to display the tag list and tag description as larger fields field and show the tag URL value when the field is locked #29388

  • Improvement to tag weight ordering for exports and scripts #28708

  • Fix to the access rights for discounts to allow staff with edit permission to add new classes to existing discounts #29364

  • Improvement to allow a concession type to be added to a contact during record creation #29408

  • Fix to allow concessions to be added to discounts correctly #29408

  • Fix to allow discounts to be joined to related members #29719

  • Improvement to calculate class budget income as inclusive of credit notes manually joined to the class #29429