1. Major features

Improve performance across the application, and especially in the class edit view. Over slow internet links the performance can be up to 10 times faster for certain actions.

2. Reports and scripts

  • A new set of scripts has been added that links the maximum number of places between two classes taught in the same room by the same tutor called 'Increase maximum places' and 'decrease maximum places'. These scripts are included in onCourse, but not enabled by default. #26194

  • Images uploaded to the onCourse document management system can be embedded into onCourse reports #26503

  • Scripts can now 'print' and email onCourse PDF reports and send them as attachments to related contacts e.g. class students and tutors #26805

3. Minor features

  • Improvement to add courses process from voucher, to use the same sheet and options as the add discount window #25449

  • Simplification to the onCourse chart of accounts, by removing reference to expense accounts that can not be posted to #26410

  • Date Created column added to the enrolment list inside the contact record, and the attached documents list #24647

4. Fixes

  • Make it easier to add brand new classes to discount strategies #26409

  • Improvement to AVETMISS reporting collection of outcomes to ensure self paced outcomes in the date range when their start and/or end dates are in the reporting period nominated #26518

  • Fix issue where users who did not have access rights to edit enrolment outcomes could not view any class record data #26783

  • Fix to allow correct deletion of pay lines for tutors who are attached to the class record multiple times with different pay roles #26795

  • Ensure all outgoing emails use the from address set in the messaging window, where this is different to the default from address #26866

  • Fix to display the time format with hours and minutes correctly across timezones #26668

  • In custom drop down fields, show the word 'Other' when the option * is chosen #26676

  • Correctly switch between % and $ value when discount type is changed during set up #26697

  • Ensure tag edit view fields grow with window resize #26698

  • Fix to advanced search payment in to allow search on date banked window #26704

  • Display all sessions in timetable when a contact is both a student and a tutor #26727

  • https:// added to the URL for all documents so they open correctly without certificate warnings #26796

  • Fix Quick Enrol switching between company and student contacts #26819