1. Major features

Outcomes now show progression in a pair of graphs. This progression shows assessments and attendance.

This flows through into the AVETMISS export window, separating out outcomes which have commenced (a student has submitted some assessment) from those which have just started (the first session has happeend).

2. Minor features

  • Voucher underpayment can now be customised per voucher OD-15925

  • Xero integration adjustments to meet Xero UX requirements OD-16027

  • Outcomes edit view - new section - Progression OD-16127

  • Add case insensitive sorting of lists in several places OD-16151

  • Service NSW Scripts OD-16154

  • Outcome commencement depends on assessment engagement for AVETMISS export OD-16157

  • Some fields on vouchers should be editable even after the voucher is redeemed OD-16172

  • SurveyGizmo renamed to Alchemer OD-16160

3. Fixes

  • Class attendance - OK button when entering attendance in detail doesn’t work OD-16184

  • Unable to add a new room to a virtual site OD-15948

  • mailchimp/oncourse integrations mailchimp subscribe OD-16085

  • Automation - options showing wrong information OD-16148

  • Payment plans in checkout could auto-fill the wrong amount for previous invoices OD-16167

4. Test improvements

  • Tests for components of outcomes OD-15724

  • Tests for components of paymentsIn OD-15725

  • Tests for components of rooms OD-15730

  • Tests for components of preferences tutor-roles OD-15803

  • Checkout credit/owing check tests OD-15906

  • Tests for mock, components and epics of preferences grading-types OD-15990

  • Security mocks(data, api) and jest tests OD-16070

  • API tests: mock SMTP sending to avoid errors in logs OD-16183