1. Major features

Some more big additions are coming with this release, the most exciting of which is the all-new Dashboard. You may remember we flirted with a new Dashboard some time ago; this one is now much improved, containing some wonderful new features we think will help make accessing different parts of onCourse easier than ever before, such as the ability to save a selection of your most commonly used windows for quick access, and a new 'Find Anything' search where you can find almost any record by simply typing something into the box.

As well as the Dashboard, the following list views and their entities have been moved to the new UI design.

  • Accounts

  • Transactions

  • Tutor pay

As always, holding down the "shift" key while opening a window will still allow you to use the old UI. While you can also go back to the old Dashboard from within the File > Preferences navigation menu.

A Dark Theme has been added to the application and can be accessed from the top right of the new dashboard.

2. Reports and scripts

  • PDF reports/other files don’t open automatically when generated in onCourse OD-12510

  • Add Year Enrolled as a column to transcript OD-12664

2.1. Minor features

  • Large amount of records in transactions are halting replication OD-11896

  • Implemented 'Created By' marker for Preferences Entities OD-11919

  • Added Module types OD-12094

  • Client and server applications are now notarized on OSX`OD-12133`

  • Added new Dark Theme OD-12144

  • Add new value to "studyReason" in VET Tab OD-12182

  • Site Countries and Timezones search and auto complete OD-12467

  • Mailchimp integration improvements OD-12496

  • Student assessment task release date notification OD-12506

  • Tutor assessment task release date notification OD-12507

  • Payline.dateFor as LocalDate OD-12513

  • New UI improvement: Save button on discard changes OD-12525

  • New UI improvement: Indicate field focus OD-12526

  • Tags collapse detail OD-12527

  • Sites - Time Zone field changes OD-12536

  • Added Logout Icon for new dashboard OD-12595

2.2. Fixes

  • Duplicate and reverse invoice with payment plan is always invalid OD-11922

  • Attendance screen doesn’t line up OD-12042

  • Payroll not generating within two hours of class end OD-12113

  • Two digit year entry should transition from 1950 OD-12214

  • Left column of new UI does not expand and width cannot be adjusted by user OD-12396

  • Security settings: "Default site doesn’t exist" appears when creating a new user OD-12485

  • Sites/Rooms: Unable to add tag OD-12534

  • Unnecessary check for CustomFIeldType relation to CustomField on delete OD-12539

  • All drop down boxes in onCourse application should be in alphabetical order OD-12549

  • AQL. Wrong concatenation of expressions OD-12577

  • Web-start client: Blank login form appears on launch after force quit OD-12681

  • Data upgrade: missing discounts from ClassCost table OD-12520

  • MinifiedEntitiesList/MinifiedEntitiesRenderer: reduce rendering time with large items number OD-12643