1. Major features

This release is an incremental step towards rolling out the new user interface along with a number of bug fixes. Screens migrated to the new UI in this release are:

  • Banking

  • Audit

  • Funding upload

  • Funding contracts configuration

  • Corporate pass

  • Script (this was partially done previously)

1.1. Funding uploads

If you are an RTO reporting AVETMISS data to your funding provider, you’ll be really excited by this new feature. Here you’ll be able to see every historic export and flag its upload status so that you can track which outcomes have been reported and what status was reported each time. This will make it much easier to track your funding entitlements and see exactly when money is due to you.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Currency symbols other than $ can appear in reports OD-12859

2.1. Minor features

  • Optimised speed of Audits list OD-12274

  • Scripts UI update to match the rest of the new UI OD-12286

  • Hide run() closure in advanced scripts new UI OD-12350

  • Create component to import external libraries in advanced script UI OD-12351

  • Corporate Pass list view migrate to new UI. OD-12407

  • Banking Deposits migrate to new UI. OD-12414

  • Add Funding Contracts view to General Preferences OD-12631

  • Add Previous Export Panel to AVETMISS Export window OD-12687

  • Add Full Screen Edit view to Scripts OD-12717

  • Help Icon documentation link added to top bar for all relevant windows OD-12730

  • Funding Contracts in preferences OD-12720

  • Global Currency Preference will update currency values across application OD-12733

  • Added drag and drop for cards in Scripts view OD-12739

  • Relax licensing around scripting creation OD-12741

2.2. Fixes

  • Resolving stuck payments during payment session OD-11008

  • Fixed links from preferences to audit views OD-12743

  • Repaired links to onCourse News via Help menu OD-11127

  • Resolving stuck payments after closed payment session OD-11628

  • Left column of new UI does not expand and cannot be adjusted by user OD-12396

  • Query field type-ahead improvements OD-12593

  • Transactions: The list of records breaks when scrolling OD-12727

  • Audit Logging: Error occurs when printing PDF OD-12752

  • Problem launching on OSX 10.11 OD-12776

  • Preferences: 'No value' is displayed in account combo boxes OD-12837

  • Client application could get wedged and require a full operating system restart for the application to run again`OD-12843`

  • Tutor Pay sometimes has blank section at the top OD-12845

  • "Find anything" search on onCourse dashboard will not return contacts beginning with "The " OD-12846

  • Web Start application can’t be restarted after force quit OD-12849

  • Add the missing 'find related records' icon to the generate tutor pay pop-up OD-12852

  • Preferences > Tax Types. Unable to update system Tax Type OD-12855

2.3. Web features

  • Product sales now have a quantity. You can now sell multiple books, hats, gift certificates or event bookings to one student.