1. Major features

1.1. Timetable

We’ve implemented a new Timetable within the Sites & Rooms windows, to help offer a visual guide to where you have gaps in your scheduling. You can view this by going to either the Sites or Rooms window in onCourse, clicking a record, then clicking the Timetable button. You can review the Timetable’s current functionality in the Timetable chapter of our manual.

timetable gap hours
Figure 1. Gap (hours) view mode shows classes grouped by hours of the day

1.2. Canvas Integration

We’ve added a Canvas integration to the onCourse integrations list. The integration will allow you to automatically create classes, students and enrolments in the Canvas LMS using the data created in onCourse.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Print: Add message for user when report has no data OD-12490

  • Applications > Share: No templates for PDF/XML reports OD-12953

2.1. Minor features

The following API implementations are useful for developers wanting to integrate with onCourse.

  • Discount API OD-12430

  • Applications API OD-12763

  • Assessments API OD-12766

  • Certificates API OD-12769

  • Voucher products API OD-12798

  • Membership products API OD-12799

  • Article products API OD-12804

  • Outcomes API OD-12814

  • Student Feedback API OD-12821

  • Tutor roles API OD-12833

  • Waiting lists API OD-12834

  • Timetable API OD-12930

2.2. Fixes

  • Preferences > Scripts: No audit trail record after new script creating OD-12115

  • Search bug on Sites window list view OD-12508

  • Sites - Map doesn’t generate after adding new Site OD-12533

  • ClassCost.perUnitAmountExTax becomes not null when duplicating class OD-12618

  • Overly long script error message OD-12623

  • Quarterly AVETMISS date range fix OD-12675

  • Audits. No new records are created for transactions OD-12872

  • Preferences > Funding Contract: Mandatory field is not highlighted in red OD-12883

  • List: 3-column view. The right-side panel is broken when clicking on an already selected record OD-12925

  • Qualifications: The nominal hours field should default to 'No Value' and not '0' OD-12934

  • Tutor Pay no longer fails to run in new user interface OD-12936

  • Dashboard "Something went wrong" message fixed OD-12937

  • Corporate Passes New Interface not finding classes by name OD-12938

  • Old user interface lists are not updating changed records immediately


  • Sites/Rooms > Kiosk. Link now opens in default browser OD-12956

  • Fixed Funding Source - National field changing values unexpectedly OD-12959

  • Contact merge shows error message incorrectly OD-12967

  • Fixed New dashboard reliability issues


  • Transaction journal entries are no longer posted in reverse OD-12981

  • AVETMISS 66 outcomes should not appear in user interface OD-12985

  • Search for contact in the new Corporate Pass screen OD-12988

  • Waiting List custom fields sometimes don’t synchronise with website OD-13008