1. Important changes

As of this release, users of onCourse are required to have an email address against their user record in the system. Users who do not will no longer be able to login until they have a valid email address against their user record.

We’ve also begun to remove some older portions of the application that are no longer in use, beginning with the AVETMISS 7 export window and the old Scripts window. We’ve also removed the feature that could allow you to freeze documents to a specific version.

2. Major features

2.1. Tag colours

The new monochrome theme and the tag colours features

We have implemented a colour picker that will allow you to assign a hex colour to any tag, which will help with visual identification of records in across certain parts of the application.

2.2. New font

A change of the font used throughout the user interface. The new Inter font is more readable and has some nice stylistic options for numbers which makes them clearer.

2.3. New user interface

The new user interface has now been rolled out to the following areas:

  • Certificates

  • Voucher products

  • Memberships

  • Products

  • Sales (product items)

  • Messages

  • Student Feedback

  • Applications

  • Invoices

  • Discounts

  • Payments In

2.4. Use of credit notes in online checkout

Students can now use any credit saved on their student records for online checkout. When they make a purchase from your website, provided they use the same first name, last name and email address as the record that has the credit saved, that credit will automatically be applied to the final total at checkout. Any credit not used will remain available on their account for future use.

3. Reports, Scripts & Exports

  • Fixed an error where the banking deposit PDF report wasn’t printing OD-13057

  • Fixed a Transaction report subreport so it stretches when details overflow field size OD-13068

  • Added a new historic aged debtors export to onCourse.


3.1. Minor features

  • New Monochrome theme OD-13198

  • Adjust Query Language grammar and model OD-12150

  • Add survey link to enrolment confirmation email OD-12164

  • Improved performance of database connector read ahead


  • Implemented fake paths for AQL named queries with properties OD-12665

  • Implemented aliases for plural meaning in toMany relations OD-12666

  • Implemented new AQL syntax Curly brackets - \{} OD-12667

  • Implemented new AQL syntax Square brackets - [] OD-12668

  • Added auto-completion to AQL OD-12669

  • Waiting Lists on Dashboard will only show numbers from prior 4 weeks OD-12775

  • Invoices in Dashboard search will now order from newest first OD-12854

  • Improved AQL to work with negative numbers OD-12871

  • Corporate Pass - Minor label changes OD-12921

  • Added Canvas integration OD-12949

  • Removed Training Packages from old UI OD-12968

  • Added Print Certificates permissions and validation OD-12980

  • Changed behavior and validations for Discount properties: studentAgeUnder, studentAge OD-12984

  • Made user email addresses mandatory OD-13010

  • Remove document freezing feature. OD-13038

  • Remove AVETMISS 7 OD-13039

  • Remove Old scripts UI OD-13040

  • Minor UI fixes. OD-13048

  • Implemented AQL quick search (using ~) for Outcome entity OD-13051

  • Added corresponding titles for Timetable OD-13060

  • Updated integration logo - Cloud Assess OD-13070

  • Added help button ('?') to Qualification, Module and Tutor Pay edit views OD-13079

  • Amended UI labels for ArticleProduct, MembershipProduct OD-13098

  • Added course/class code to Canvas integration closure OD-13109

  • Added custom filter creation to Timetable

  • Added Micropower integration OD-13134

  • Added additional validation logic to Vouchers. OD-13143

  • Money displays with special monospaced font to make it easier to read OD-13159

  • Restyled sessions in Timetable OD-13162

  • Added 'fake paths' for Timetable AQL OD-13163

  • Added ability to restrict a discount to enrolments into same course OD-13166

  • Added 'Discount.limitPreviousEnrolment' field to replication OD-13168

  • Added tags for sessions on Timetable OD-13179

  • Timetable layout update OD-13183

  • Added colour coding for tags OD-13186

  • Added colour picker for tags OD-13187

  • Timetable now displays tags OD-13188

  • Added ability to query for classes enrolment count to AQL OD-6327

3.2. Fixes

  • AQL search: Error 500 occurs when quotation are used in conjunction with logical operators OD-12393

  • Lists: 3-column view. Records disappear for user after horizontal scrolling in 2-column view


  • VET certificate should now print with QR code enabled by default OD-13080

  • Added missing DSL method 'relatedFundingSource' to documentation OD-11968

  • Removed documentation for CertificateOutcome OD-11983

  • Data upgrade and validation: duplicated DiscountCourseClass relations OD-12712

  • Fixed an error that stopped the onCourse demo login not working OD-12746

  • Banking Deposit window now shows payment status in new UI OD-12880

  • Corporate Pass: Fixed an error where not all records were displayed in printed PDF OD-12901

  • Corporate Pass: Fixed an error where full list wasn’t displayed in Contact drop-down when searching OD-12919

  • Fixed an error where searching in Corporate Pass only searched for firstName OD-12988

  • Fixed an error that was causing unnecessary lag in the Tags UI OD-12990

  • Advanced search: Fixed some issues with advanced search in new UI windows OD-13011

  • Dashboard: Fixed and issue where 'Last enrolment' text wrapped incorrectly for courses with long names OD-13021

  • Waiting Lists: Fixed an issue where student drop-down shows companies, not students OD-13036

  • Fixed an error where WaitingList_Site relation was not replicated when made from new UI OD-13045

  • Banking deposit: Fixed an error where UI wasn’t showing all relevant records OD-13063

  • Fixed an issue where all edit views didn’t have a dropdown from help ('?') button OD-13065

  • Waiting Lists: Fixed an error where XML export failed if Waiting List contains a site without longitude and latitude OD-13066

  • Fixed an error in 'send certificate' scripts causing date issued to display as null OD-13069

  • Adjustments to quick search for Contact and Corporate Pass OD-13077

  • Corporate pass: Fixed an error where different expiry dates were displayed between record and list view OD-13081

  • Sites/Rooms: Fixed an error that occurred when searching documents attached to Sites or Rooms OD-13084

  • Audit Logging - Fixed rendering issues when scrolling OD-13086

  • Uneditable fields are no longer greyed out. Pencil icon distinguishes what can be edited versus what can’t OD-13106

  • Contact type-ahead only activates after user types in at least 1 character OD-13108

  • Deposit Banking: Fixed some styling issues OD-13118

  • Fixed an error in preference URL constructions OD-13123

  • Corporate pass: Fixed an error where 'null' was displayed in Contact drop-down for companies OD-13146

  • Fixed an error in Transactions default filtering that was broken after AQL changes OD-13147

  • Fixed an error that was stopping 'Largest waiting lists' on Dashboard from working correctly OD-13157

  • Fixed some server side errors that could stop the deleting of a record OD-13160

  • Fixed an error where Timetable AQL queries with 'enrolmentCount' returned no sessions OD-13173

  • Fixed an error where clicking on course name in Timetable logs out user OD-13193

3.3. Web features

  • Online product sales now allow student to select quantities of the item to purchase, without any requirement of additional information. This means students can now purchase online tickets, for example, and not have to worry about providing contact details for every ticket holder.

  • Credit Notes are now used automatically on website checkout.

  • Implemented some new behind-the-scenes features to provide increased website security.