1. Important changes

With export templates, integrations and scripts now moved to the new Automation window and the new user interface, we’ve locked down all built-in onCourse exports so they can’t be modified. Instead, you can duplicate and modify your own copy of those exports whenever you need to. This means that the built-in exports will automatically update with any new features or bug fixes in each release of onCourse.

We’ve reviewed all our customer systems and for any exports you have modified, we’ve duplicated them for you already so that your changes are not overwritten.

2. Major features

2.1. Contact merge

The contact merging has been redesigned to be easier to use.

Instead of having to switch between advanced and simple search, the search field figures out what you are trying to do and displays the records you are looking for.

2.3. Exports with variables and options

Exports can now be given variables to be entered at the time of the export. For example, you might create an export for a date range and prompt the user at the time of export for the date.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Historic debtors with aging OD-13209

3.1. Minor features

  • Moved Export Templates to Automation window OD-12791

  • Moved Scripts to Automation window OD-13137

  • Add PDF/CSV/XML export for Messages OD-13182

  • Add hardcoded variables to exports OD-13232

  • Add automation sidebar search and collapse to for all similar views OD-13259

  • Change common app bar cogwheel with material speed dial OD-13261

  • Added common sidebar quick filters and collapse OD-13262

  • Added new Export output types OD-13287

  • Rebuilt Contact Merge OD-13289

  • Remove 'Create GL journal entry' from financial menu OD-13299

  • Add AQL search for nested list component I.E. Classes within Discounts`OD-13303`

  • Add multi Entities option for AQL search component OD-13304

  • Update all exports on server start OD-13307

  • Remove full screen edit icon. Double-click to open full screen edit OD-13312

  • Improve share dialog for exports with new variables OD-13316

  • Merge save/success search icons in AQL search field OD-13333

  • Remove 'Limit to Classes' switch from discounts since you always need to add at least one class or product OD-13335

3.2. Fixes

  • Fixed issue where no title displayed if window is opened from main menu OD-12856

  • Removed run(args) from scripts OD-13270

  • Discounts: Fixed spelling errors OD-13088

  • Adding new documents to class/course record no longer bypasses privacy settings OD-13194

  • Fixed Budget/Tutor Pay correlation issues OD-13243

  • Transactions: using Find Related now opens new UI lists OD-13250

  • Banking - Double clicking a Payment In record no longer opens old UI OD-13253

  • Broken export script no longer stops the server starting OD-13256

  • Student Feedback now opens correctly from the Activity menu OD-13260

  • Payment In: No longer unable to set 'Date banked' OD-13272

  • Disable non-editable options for Subjects tag OD-13273

  • New Certificates window no longer omitting some search results OD-13275

  • List views will show more than 5 columns when requested OD-13278

  • Advanced Search icon changes OD-13279

  • Share Icon should is now available when you have no records selected OD-13280

  • Advanced Search no longer hides print/cogwheel icons OD-13281

  • Active vouchers value remaining now shows correctly OD-13282

  • Tag re-ordering now working as expected OD-13283

  • Can now sort payment window by Contact OD-13288

  • QE no longer fails when enrolled course is tagged with multiple 'Limit to one' tags OD-13290

  • Added validation for setting tag: 'Mandatory' & 'Limit to one' OD-13291

  • Manual Invoices: fixed issues where billing address wasn’t populated, invoice due date was wrong OD-13292

  • fixed issue with Banking reconciliation OD-13301

  • Invoices: Invoice line. No longer unable to select tax type 'N' OD-13308

  • Windows with new UI now show titles OD-13313

  • Valid dates for discounts will now displayed on first view OD-13314

  • Invoices window no longer breaks when finding contact with brackets in name OD-13315

  • AVETMISS 8 window wouldn’t open new UI on a date which was exactly the end of a quarter OD-13319

  • Search no longer loses context when losing focus OD-13322

  • Finalise period: All elements no longer become inactive after clicking outside dialog OD-13327

  • Banking Deposits: Add button (+) now works as expected in 3-column view OD-13330

  • Sales 'purchased by' now sorts by last name OD-13334