1. Important changes

Two financial issues were discovered recently and fixes for them are in 9.15. The issues manifested in two ways. Firstly, a small number of invoices are missing their General Ledger transactions entirely for records created roughly between March and July of this year. We are seeing only a couple of dozen instances across all our customers.

Secondly, in December 2018 we introduced a feature to allow discounts to link to a Cost of Sales account rather than reducing income. This worked well, except when you cancelled that enrolment which linked to this new type of discount and created a credit note. The transactions reversing the COS and the associated debtor transactions were missing.

Note that these issues do not affect your invoices or payments. They will not affect the amount of money you have in the bank or your reconciliation. The only effect is to your trial balance or any reporting to your accounting integrations. You might find that debtors in the trial balance don’t match the total invoices owing. The invoice list is correct.

After you upgrade, onCourse will create all the missing transactions automatically. Additional checks will run on every restart from now on. Those missing transactions will be created with today’s date, unless they occurred in 2018 in which case they will be given a date of 31 December 2018. This should allow your accounting integrations to catch up automatically without touching closed years.

2. Major features

This latest release focuses largely on bug fixes, including lots of usability improvements to search functions, and some more progress on our migration from the old style onCourse to the new user interface. Reports have been removed from its own window and now lives in the Automation section. You can now also set default PDF backgrounds within the report record itself, as well as when you go to print. It contains a new Preview window which will display a preview of your selected report, provided it’s been printed at least once. You can see an example of how this looks below.

We’ve also removed the Debtors and Creditors Report from the system as it had a number of issues in it, and replaced with a much better export called the Historic Aged Debtors Export. You will be able to access this export from the Invoices window.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Removed report versions OD-13266

  • Report backgrounds now linked to report record`OD-13268`

  • Added print report preview OD-13277

  • Allow user to enter variables when printing a report OD-13366

  • Duplicate exports/report names no longer confuse the UI OD-13408

3.1. Minor features

  • Reports no longer has its own window. Now appears within Automation OD-12818

  • Tutor Roles no longer has its own window. Has been moved to the Preferences view OD-12831

  • Can pick Student Number when merging duplicate contacts OD-12876

  • Removed label "GENERAL" from all edit views for two and three columns views. OD-13052

  • Help icon removed from three column view`OD-13052`

  • Server now requires Java 11 OD-13172

  • Can now attach classes to discount using Tags OD-13264

  • Added more entities to Dashboard latest activity OD-13305

  • Search now correctly accepts quick filters OD-13331

  • Added search by tag for all taggable entities OD-13360

  • Added contra invoices link to invoice edit view. OD-13362

  • Contact merge: improved 'select all' buttons OD-13374

  • Removed tutor role permissions from security settings OD-13378

  • Added validation for 'Cron Schedule' field in Reports and Scripts OD-13389

  • Added a new high contrast theme which passes the highest level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 OD-13392

  • Improved page loading by preloading resources OD-13402

  • Disabled advanced search in list of outcomes on Certificate records OD-13404

  • Improved 'Save as New Automation' to make text clearer OD-13432

  • Added feedback pop-up OD-13453

3.2. Fixes

  • Removed form type from custom field name in Preferences OD-12160

  • Fixed an issue where some three-column views were showing no data on right-side panel after opening record from dashboard latest activity OD-13033

  • Fixed an issue where including a "+" input in a script caused window to flash white OD-13078

  • Fixed an issue where no hints were being shown in search if using a filter with parentheses in the name OD-13225

  • Fixed an issue where some find related functions on Memberships were incorrectly swapped OD-13274

  • Fixed a specific error in Search in Sales window OD-13276

  • Added validation message for setting tag: 'Mandatory' and 'Limit to one' OD-13291

  • Fixed an issue where user could not open script list view when script had an invalid cron schedule OD-13320

  • Fixed and issue where selecting a student in new certificate record wouldn’t work OD-13359

  • Fixed an issue where login after 2FA authentication could cause issues OD-13363

  • Made user permission errors more informative OD-13364

  • Fixed an error where some non-admin users were blocked from seeing invoices in select circumstances`OD-13365`

  • Fixed an error where Find related showed all contacts, not filtered list OD-13368

  • Invoice list in Contra UI can now be sorted OD-13372

  • Font sizing updates OD-13376

  • Removed large search error dialog box OD-13385

  • Fixed an error that could stop the creation of a new invoice record OD-13388

  • Search type ahead improvements OD-13391

  • Fixed an error where find related for Payments Out linked to old UI OD-13395

  • Search validation improvements for nested lists OD-13403

  • Fixed an error where user could not limit banking to one site OD-13407

  • AVETMISS Smart & Skilled export now includes outcomes from courses without qualification OD-13420

  • Fixed some UI issues in Payments Out OD-13435

  • Fixed an error where search does not work if a hyphen is used in request OD-13436

  • Fixed an issue where OnCourse client could fail on re-login OD-13438

  • Fixed an issue where some Certificate dates weren’t matching between old and new UI OD-13440

  • Fixed an issue where changing the discount type broke the form OD-13442

  • Fixed an issue where a 'Valid to date' date increases value by one day after saving record OD-13464

  • Fixed an issue where Tutor Pay link to classes opened a blank window OD-13472

  • Fixed an issue where having slash symbol in Data Collection form name breaks url OD-13479

  • Fixed an issue where verified USI’s could not be easily identified during contact merge OD-13482

  • Fixed an issue where initial transactions weren’t created for refund invoices in Quick Enrol OD-13485

  • Fixed an issue where COS transactions were missed for refund invoices at checkout OD-13486

  • Fixed an issue where Transaction Details/Summary/Report and export failed OD-13487

  • Fixed old find related links for Invoices that were linking to old UI OD-13488

  • Replaced Debtors and Creditors Report with new export OD-13490

  • Fixed an issue with InvoiceLine relations with a Discount COS account OD-13491

  • Fixed an issue where a company with a space in the name could never be found in search results OD-13496

  • Fixed an issue where the field configuration was visible within the Student Feedback window`OD-13495`

3.3. Web fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Portal assigned an incorrect USI status after verification OD-13410

  • Fixed an issue where Portal showed an incorrect amount due to pay on payment plan when user was ahead on payment OD-13384

  • Fixed an issue where new documents were bypassing privacy setting in the Portal OD-13194

  • Fixed an issue where Tags that were set as Private were still appearing under Subscriptions in Portal OD-12875

  • Fixed an issue where people couldn’t enrol online using IE11 OD-12875