1. Reports and scripts

  • Assessment task matrix report OD-10075

  • Email template - Course Completion Survey OD-10042

2. Minor features

  • Wrong web payment session opened in QE OD-9576

  • Send voucher email from template OD-9768

  • Adjust outcome end date according to last assessment OD-10003

  • Show credit notes in a different colour OD-10034

  • Duplicate and reverse invoice OD-10049

  • USI exemption AVETMISS: SHORT and INTOFF OD-10064

  • AVETMISS export: 70 override option OD-10065

  • Assessment type tags OD-10074

  • Kiosk no classes: show better message OD-10090

  • AVETMISS: Cannot export year completed if did not go to school OD-10096

  • Link to kiosk from Room and Site OD-10063

3. Fixes

  • Certificate name doesn’t change when you press "Next" button OD-10017

  • Non-null Attendance Records should not be deleted (when student enrols, cancels and enrols in the same class) OD-10044

  • Invoice export does not calculate total when units are not 1 OD-10051

  • Duplicate transaction lines OD-10053

  • Trial Balance rounds date in wrong direction OD-10054

  • Unable to select 'not stated' gender once another choice made OD-10059

  • AVETMISS: NAT 60 VET flag not set correctly for non accredited modules OD-10067

  • Contact edit: Load Financials only when an user opens that tab for better performance OD-10069

  • Client freezes when trying to open local disk folder that no longer exists OD-10072

  • Incorrect wording for marking individual student attendance for all sessions OD-10081

  • Kiosk page should show only active classes OD-10098

  • Cannot add tutor to attendance without saving first OD-10101

  • Attendance tab note icon not visible OD-10102

  • Override payroll doesn’t update attendance value OD-10103

  • Outcomes list view too slow OD-10109

  • Error when merging records with date of birth OD-10115

  • Tags on contacts showing error if more than one from group OD-10117

  • Smart and skilled should always report 66 as spaces OD-10119

4. Web features

  • Tutor with finish date in the past should be hidden on web OD-10092