1. Important changes

2. Major features

  • Audit logging implemented OD-9900

3. Reports and scripts

  • Assessment task matrix report sorting and printing fixes OD-10123

  • Contact financial record does not match printed statement report OD-10153

4. Minor features

  • Improve logging of AUSKEY errors OD-10118

  • Suppress 'Did not start' or 66 for AVETMISS Reporting for NCVER flavour exports OD-10147

  • MYOB journal export OD-9735

5. Fixes

  • Invoice edit view elements are not displayed correctly with large number of invoice lines OD-10073

  • Extend course code field to 50 characters OD-10076

  • Editing student fee should not override tax settings back to the account default OD-10082

  • Session start time shifts when duplicated class in different daylight savings period OD-10091

  • Cancelled Memberships should not show in Current Members filter OD-10095

  • Tag window sizing and validation improvements OD-10100

  • AVETMISS 'achieved in year' can’t be set from a value to no value OD-10106

  • Canceling batch-marking of attendances still marks first attendance OD-10121

  • Deleting and adding same tag when editing record causes error OD-10122

  • Saved Advanced Find changing date range of saved search from 2016 to 2017 OD-10125

  • AVETMISS NAT00060 VET Flag error for outcomes added via prior learning OD-10128

  • Wrong financial tab balance showing on contact profiles OD-10137

  • SMS messages over 160 characters throw an error message OD-10138

  • Access control stops users from sending template emails to more than 50 customers OD-10139

  • Debtors and Creditors Report grouping error into single column OD-10140

  • New payroll window: do not store 'confirm now' action until user presses the 'Save' button OD-10142

  • Contact financial data not displaying in Quick Enrol OD-10148

  • Tutor status cannot be removed from contact OD-10150

  • Allow advanced search on tags and children of tags OD-10151

  • AVETMISS calculation of 3 - New or 4 - Continuing enrolment not correctly calculating OD-10155

  • Tutor or Student tag types not visible in contact edit view OD-10158

  • Generate tutor pay unacceptably slow OD-10160

  • Prepaid fees not journalled to income for some custom invoices. This will be automatically repaired by the upgrade. OD-10162

  • Don’t show empty tag groups as filters or in tag lists OD-9936

6. Web features

  • Filter website course detail page by web root tag OD-10086

  • Upgrade jQuery OD-10154

  • Allow active memberships to be re-purchased before their expiry date OD-9951

7. Web fixes

  • Error when paying with class voucher for several enrolments at once OD-10099

  • Error messages are oddly aligned for some portal profile fields OD-10157

  • Display discounts on web correctly when they have a discount from date set OD-10206

  • Increase portal Contact Information phone/postcode length conditions to 20 characters when country is not Australia OD-1907