1. Major features

1.1. Assessment tasks and Training Plans

A new feature for onCourse has been added to allow you to create assessment tasks. Assessment tasks have a name, description, due date, release date and attached documents. This is the beginning of a series of development work scheduled for assessment tasks.

The Attendance tab layout has been updated to show more information, including the training plan information mapping the units of competency to the scheduled sessions, assessment and their due dates.

For more information about the new features and changes to this tab, refer to The Assessment tasks chapter of the user documentation.

1.2. Time and Attendance (payroll) updates

A number of visual changes have been made to the attendance marking tab, including the marking of tutor attendance for payroll purposes.

New tutor attendance/payroll status for scheduled sessions are Confirmed' (green), 'Rejected' (red), 'Not confirmed' (grey). Tutor payable time for each session can be modified as needed to be either more than or less than the scheduled payable time from the class timetable.

Payroll can now only be generated for sessions with confirmed attendance, and a new 'confirm all' option has been added to the generate tutor pay window if you wish to always process payroll as per the timetable schedule.

For colleges who confirm attendance prior to processing payroll, the UI has changed, but your process remains the same.

For more information about the new features and changes to this tab, refer to the Payroll chapter of the user manual.

2. Reports and scripts

  • The AVETMISS data checking export 'Extended outcomes CSV' has been added to the enrolment window, and includes the additional field 'Do no report for AVETMISS' OD-9894

  • A new email template 'waiting list notification' has been added to the waiting list cogwheel option to allow you to manually notify students when a last minute place becomes available in a class OD-9895

  • A new script and email template set have been added for 'Send VET course completion survey' 14 days after completion of training OD-10041 and OD-10042

  • Payslip Report updated to sort printed results by tutor last name, sort pay lines per tutor by date, and include a report total sum OD-10077

  • Student detail report updated to show time stamp and user for each note record printed in the report OD-10045

  • Invoice reports (both print and email templates) now sort invoiceLines in alphabetical order OD-9935

3. Minor features

  • Addition of a new Outcomes list view, available from the find related option in contacts, classes and enrolments OD-9474

  • Site columns added to class list view, to allow by simple sorting by class location OD-9891

  • Check all units/ uncheck all units option added to session training plan view OD-9890

  • A new status of 'in progress' has been added to applications, to differentiate between new and un-actioned items, and those that have been followed up OD-9892

  • A new core filter has been added to the course window to, by default, hide disabled courses from the list view when it opens OD-10031

  • Invoice window quick search now allows for search on invoice number or debtor name OD-9841

  • Update to merge student default message to include the student number of the record that was merged OD-9844

  • Using the AVETMISS reporting code '66 - Did not start' will export two blank spaces for NSW Smart and Skilled enrolments. This is of particular use for Training Not Complete (TNC) student records. OD-9864

  • Add the following automatic data export rules to AVETMISS to assist with managing CSO enrolments: When 'Funding source – state training authority' state begins with CS or TSS then Fee exemption/concession type identifier = Y, Funding source – national = 11, When 'Funding source – state training authority' is equal to CSO, then export CSD OD-9945

  • VET Fee Help Provider code added to the AVETMISS general preferences tab, to export this code during the VFH export file process OD-9584

  • Vouchers with a dollar value for redemption can now be used as payment method after the enrolment has been processed in Payment In / Quick Enrol OD-9877

  • Improvements to tutor records with 'date finished' in their record, to show their record in a greyed out font in the tutor list view and stop them from being looked up by the clairvoyance when adding tutors to classes OD-8336

  • Addition of 'active' flag to tutor roles, to allow old roles to be disabled and not available to select in the drop down list when adding a tutor to a class OD-9941

  • Allow tutor payable time to be edited for all attendance time, so payable time can be increased or decreased per tutor per session OD-9944

  • Document all the preference keys OD-10014

4. Fixes

  • Scrolling added to Quick Enrol related contact record list OD-9847

  • Outcomes not editable in the contact edit view OD-9983

  • Delivery mode would show "not set" when in fact they were inherited from the class. This was a cosmetic bug only. OD-9984

  • Financial record sorting in the contact financial tab adjusted to allow for modified invoice dates, to ensure running totals by date remain accurate OD-9789

  • Improved AVETMISS calculation of '3 - New Enrolment' or '4 - Continuing enrolment' to take into consideration students enrolling in pathway programs that require the completion of multiple short courses OD-9903

  • Fix typo in payment in process OD-9990

  • Fix to the validation process for the contact state field data to allow up to 20 characters to handle overseas customer data OD-10058

  • Fix to the invoice creation process where in some instances the student name was missing from the invoiceLine detail OD-10043

  • Improvement to the layout of the duplicate class sheet. 'Remove class notes' is now ticked by default OD-10028

  • LDAP SSL setting incorrect changes Bind user DN OD-9880

  • Ensure all email addresses sent to Moodle are converted to lower case as Moodle doesn’t accept uppercase characters in email addresses OD-10039

5. Web fixes

  • Hide the 'USI required' portal dashboard widget for students who have not enrolled in a vocational courses OD-1993

  • Improve the layout of the portal dashboard resources display OD-1987

  • Improve the layout of the portal dashboard next class block display OD-1988 and OD-1989

  • Auto complete Country of Birth country name in the portal and USI portal process OD-9959

  • Improvement to the layout of portal related contacts UI to allow better scrolling and navigation OD-9988 and OD-1961

  • Fix to delete the class web tab copy from the class web block when it is deleted from the onCourse class record OD-10013

  • Fix to display discounts correctly on the web for search result classes OD-10061