1. Major features

1.1. Data collection rules

Since the beginning of onCourse you have been able to select which fields are visible and which are mandatory for online enrolments. You can also specify the rules for mailing lists and waiting lists.

Now Data Collection rules take this idea to the next level. You are able to define rule sets for which fields are visible and mandatory, then link those rule sets back to specific courses. So your VET courses might have one set of data fields and your leisure courses a smaller set. Your seminar programme might then collect data about meal choices and streams.

The Data Collection rules can be very detailed. Each field can be re-ordered, you can separate them with headings and text of your choice. You can rename the labels and help text.

We think you’ll love the flexibility that comes with Data Collection rules and you’ll be able to collection just the data you need without overwhelming students with too many choices.

For more information about the new features, refer to The Data Collection chapter of the user documentation.

1.2. Custom fields

Custom fields have been available for Contact records for a long time now. In this release we now make the custom field concept extend to enrolments, courses, applications and waiting lists. This allows for a range of interesting possibilities.

  • Menu choice on enrolments: vegetarian/chicken/fish

  • Funding data collection on applications (eg. citizenship, healthcare card)

  • External reference codes for linking courses to an LMS or other system

  • Anything you can think of!

2. Reports and scripts

  • New script - Course completion survey script OD-10570

  • New email template - 'Class completion survey' OD-10572

  • New print reports - Course completion survey reports to display data collection in skillsOnCourse surveys OD-10522

  • New script - Membership Renewal script OD-10010

  • New email template - Membership notification renewal OD-10010

  • New print report - Commonwealth Assistance Notice OD-10232

  • New script - Student reminder 7 days before class starts OD-10414

  • New export - Smart & Skilled Bulk Upload template export from application window OD-10507

  • Rename existing report 'Statement' to 'Transaction report' as it can be run for a date range period OD-10501

  • Create new 'Statement' report without date range entry option OD-10502

  • Fix to Transcript template alignment OD-10401

  • Certificate of Attendance - Allow longer course names in template OD-10523

  • Fix error in Trial Balance Report calculations when starting with an opening balance of $0 OD-10629

  • Change Trial Balance report parameters to enter date without time OD-10085

  • Allow Unicode characters to print in reports OD-10111

  • Allow more wrapping for title and description lines in Invoice report OD-10366

2.1. Minor features

  • Increase maximum length for state in contact record to 20 characters OD-10058

  • Improve the performance of the new payroll window OD-10141

  • Fix daylight saving time difference during class duplication OD-10257

  • Remove auto contra payment of credit available to the oldest invoice, and allow users to select which invoice to contra pay OD-10565

  • Change validation: Allow class status to be 'enrolment disabled' when it has enrolments OD-6763

2.2. Fixes

  • Update onCourse integration to new Survey Monkey API OD-10116

  • Fix to conditions where a valid payment was not validating in QE and was treated as an overpayment OD-10135

  • Allow sorting by student name and other columns in outcome list view in the class OD-10208

  • Fix transaction posting when voucher purchased online posts to default income account instead of liability OD-10224

  • Could not set tutor role in contact after using Next/Back to navigate between records OD-10227

  • Fix QE error when discount applied to a $0 class fee OD-10266

  • Improve validation when creating new import scripts`OD-10274`

  • Allow sorting of list records where the value is null or empty OD-10290

  • API documentation hasTag() updated OD-10293

  • Access right 'General Preferences' didn’t prevent preference changing OD-10326

  • Allow class with payment plan where payment on enrolment = $0 OD-10337

  • Allow merging of students that previously failed when both have the same attendance marked OD-10352

  • Allow duplication of course with mandatory tag which was previously failing OD-10368

  • Extend CreditCard name from 40 to 64 characters OD-10369

  • Update labels - journal function is posting in reverse to UI expectation OD-10400

  • Fix issue on merging multiple copies of a contact in one batch OD-10404

  • Allow all sessions to be unticked for a unit of competency in the class training plan`OD-10547`

  • Custom field type delete action was not replicated to website OD-10557

  • Payment in detail view performance improvement OD-10573

  • Contra payments should not link for $0 payment joins since this slows performance a lot OD-10575

  • Adjust Applications edit window minimal height OD-10605

  • Fix exception where sometimes Preferences are not visible OD-10610

  • Add tooltips to FieldEditor labels if the text is very long and truncated OD-10632

  • Allow tag name with spaces OD-10634

  • Contact record opens displaying no data in fields when some invalid data was present OD-10731

2.3. Web features

  • Tag manager split into two tags for improved performance OD-10223

  • Implement og:image tag for Facebook where there is a course image OD-10302

  • Ensure website metaDescription should always have a value OD-10308

2.4. Web fixes

  • Fix to Kiosk classes displayed in wrong order OD-10055

  • Fix where tagged course was not displaying on the website when the parent tag was hidden OD-10221

  • Fix issue where user can’t add blocks to themes OD-10354

  • SkillsOnCourse payment date field didn’t accept two digit years OD-10407

  • In checkout if amount is added for pay now, allow the user to change it back to $0 OD-10376

  • Fix condition where discounts could sometimes be displayed against the wrong class on website OD-10061