1. Major features

1.1. Dashboard

onCourse now has a new dashboard which you can access from the File > Preferences > New Dashboard. It is still in beta testing so we would appreciate your feedback to let us know how it works for you. It includes some new features:

  • Smart search across many entities in one go e.g. searching 'cook' will give you results of courses and class containing the name cook, and contacts whose name contains cook.

  • Ability to personally customise your list of frequently used elements of onCourse using the favourites function

  • An easier way to find the functions of onCourse you need to use via search e.g. type discount in the search bar in press enter on your keyboard to open the discount window

1.2. Website eCommerce engine

Significant updates to the online sales process have taken place in the last release, to allow you to implement your data collection rules (released in 9.3) into the checkout process, including the addition of enrolment, application and waiting list custom fields.

This means you can now ask additional per enrolment / per application specific questions of each student, replacing processes that may have been asked post enrolment or via surveys.

  • Add custom enrolment fields to the checkout OD-11002

  • Display custom application fields in checkout OD-11182

  • Implement Waiting list form for checkout app OD-11188

  • Checkout: CorporatePass preference only enabled when active corporate passes exist OD-11148

1.3. AVETMISS improvements with funding contracts

The AVETMISS export runner window has undergone some significant updates to make it simpler to use and to provide you with more options when exporting your data to various reporting agencies.

Most significantly, the export runner will pre-count the outcomes that will be exported, advise you of any that need a final outcome status because their end date is in the past, and allow you to set an override end date option for export to push their end date into the future.

The new funding contact option will allow you to set classes and enrolments belonging to specific state funding programs, which is a list you can extend with as many program types as you wish.

A history of each export you run is stored in onCourse as a funding upload, allowing you to track when you last reported and set if the funding export from onCourse was accepted by the funding agency.

2. Reports and scripts

  • New Script: Send statement report to contact with outstanding balances OD-10416

  • New Script: notify the trainer when a session has not been marked OD-10048

  • New Marketing Script: Related class taught by the same tutor OD-10701

  • New Marketing Email Template: Related class taught by the same tutor OD-10702

  • New Email Template - class schedule changes OD-10978

  • New Report: Contract Demographic data OD-10734

  • New Report - Assessment Outcomes - per Student' OD-11054

  • New Export: Debtor Payment summary report OD-11133

  • Script update: Send monthly finance summary script was reporting incorrect date. If you use this script, please go to File > Preferences > Scripts, locate the script, open it and select 'update script', save and close. OD-10911

  • Improve validation in contact CSV import script to work correctly OD-11057

  • Add message created by key to avoid message sending duplication when messages are sent by scripts OD-10520

  • Add new onCourse script trigger option - 'Class published' OD-10776

  • Class Invoice Report - Incorrect outstanding total balance removed OD-11151

  • Invoice Print Report - was printing on two pages when only one printable page exists OD-11134

  • Certificate of Attendance print report - printing without expected page breaks between certificate records OD-11053

3. Web features

  • Hide {block} syntax in portal content OD-10319

  • Portal: sort related contacts by name in drop down list OD-10419

  • Improve portal user switching list to support more than 30 users OD-10879

  • Improve portal Class Roll: partially attended duration OD-1949

  • Robots.txt to include pointer to sitemap OD-10434

4. Web fixes

  • Fix portal render queue error on tutor class page OD-10264

  • Display RTO name instead of college name in Portal certificate validation tool OD-10609

  • Update Tutor portal widget data in real time OD-10625

  • Fix class rating feature where is was not working on iPhone OD-10922

  • Portal: class page should not display web description images and blocks OD-11085

  • Portal: allow removal Waiting List when there’s a custom field attached OD-11171

  • Portal: Mark roll doesn’t scroll down to list of contacts OD-11174

  • Fix Language setting error in AVETMISS when students enrol online OD-9958

  • Available places wording incorrect on website - should read 'There are x places available' OD-11213

5. Minor features

5.1. Financial and payroll features

  • New feature: Process payment out from credit note by selecting cogwheel option OD-10032

  • New feature: Add cogwheel option to invoice - create payment in OD-10033

  • Improve relation between Tutor Attendance status and Payable time field`OD-10120`

  • Tutor payable time sheet UI improvement OD-10494

  • Attendance UI Scrolling improvements OD-10132

  • Improve Attendance tab loading speed and performance OD-10220

  • Make payroll confirmation editable in attendance confirmation sheet OD-10497

  • Improve validation for $0 tutor wage so it can not be copied when duplicating a class OD-10305

  • $0 wages should not try to generate payroll records OD-10459

  • Exclude from unprocessed payroll counter - non-timetable related wages where class hasn’t started yet OD-10876

  • Exclude from unprocessed payroll counter - tutor pay requiring confirmation that has already been confirmed OD-11219

  • New field on contact finance tab: override class GST settings on purchase OD-10466

  • Use Contact GST override in invoice and finance OD-10467

  • Use Contact GST override in web enrol (invoice and finance) OD-10468

5.2. Other features

  • Move contact record custom fields to their own tab OD-10744

  • Remove the ability to set a default value for Custom Fields in preferences (a requirement for Data Collection) OD-10798

  • Implement USI soap service new version OD-10880

  • Improve UI display for USI verification OD-10285

  • Improve arrived / departed time fields behaviour when setting partial attendance on onCourse OD-10949

  • Add to class duplication: optionally skip copying of class tags and class notes OD-7475

  • Improve the design of the Student fee sheet OD-9287

  • Auto select appropriate student/payer when using pre-populated QE from Enrolment transfer function of enrolment window cogwheel OD-9346

  • New access control - view private documents OD-9631

  • New access control - mailing list create permission OD-10590

6. Fixes

  • Enrolling existing students from inside contact record doesn’t load contact into QE as expected OD-10306

  • Prevent General Preferences screen loading blank if data connection lost OD-10328

  • Catch exception cancelling an enrolment joined to a certificate OD-10344

  • Show error message in QE when promo code fails to apply as expected during office enrolment due to corporatePass join OD-10558

  • Tag set bound to Tutors does not accept mandatory option even though all tutors are tagged OD-10787

  • Quick Enrol: adding payment plan class before contact keeps duplicating records on Payments view OD-10886

  • Emails cannot send to contacts with comma in their name OD-10986

  • Automatic logout stopped working OD-11065

  • Outcome delivery mode was not getting value from value set in the class`OD-11078`

  • Java 9 support OD-11115 OD-11116

  • Adjust USI service to return plain string response instead of complex SoapFault OD-11117

  • Use contra instead of zero payment type for credit payment transfer process OD-11124

  • Tutor and Student attendance marking freezes the window OD-11143

  • Angel Client: http://www.ish.com.au/blog/rss.xml is not available OD-11206

  • Fix display of documents list view to load records as expected OD-10921