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1. Major features

1.1. Student feedback

Student feedback has gone from being a minor feature in the portal to a first class part of onCourse.

onCourse now includes the ability to view, edit and approve for publication student testimonials captured through the onCourse portal student feedback process. These testimonials will then become part of the marketing copy of your course pages.

More more information on this feature, please review the Feedback and Surveys chapter in the user handbook.

1.2. New editor

Our new editor has now replaced the old CMS. It is more powerful and much easier to use. Built on a modern React framework it allows us to more quickly add new functionality to your site. You now have the ability to roll back to previous site versions as well as suppress certain pages from your sitemap, and you can now edit the 301 redirects in WebDav.

To access the new editor, add #editor to the end of your website URL e.g. You then can log in using the email account associated with your onCourse user account, and password. You must have 'can edit CMS' access rights in your onCourse user account to access the #editor.

1.3. Editor API

The new editor now also has an API. This is a very important step forward in the refresh of our technology stack. You can script actions to do anything that the editor UI itself can do, right through to publishing your site.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Course completion survey report calculation was incorrectly including zero (unmarked) star rating in calculation OD-10955

  • Allow QR code to be applied to all custom certificate keycodes OD-11126

  • Class roll - Do not suppress second student with identical name from roll OD-11007

3. Minor features

  • Add additional find related functions to the user list view - messages, invoices, payments in, payments out and audit log OD-11122

  • Add Find related - 'voucher redeemed' to invoice, enrolment and payment in list views OD-11166

  • Add 'data collection rule' to course advanced search OD-11179

  • Add 'Enrolment type' to course advanced search OD-11181

  • Add Funding Contract to Enrolment advanced search OD-11199

  • Add Funding Contract to Class advanced search OD-11200

  • Add advanced search to Audits on Action (created, updated, deleted, email collision, script failure) OD-11287

  • Add Audit logs on script failure OD-9780

  • Audit logs linked to entities via find related OD-9991

  • Update DeliveryMode descriptions for AVETMISS 8 to remove numerical descriptor OD-11478

  • Rename AVETMISS Flavours to make them clearer OD-10248

  • Tutor payable time sheet UI improvement OD-10494

4. Fixes

  • In-app links in onCourse release notes should render destination page correctly OD-10759

  • Reversed payments in status display needs to be consistent throughout onCourse OD-10794

  • Payment out was posting to the 'default' asset account instead of payment method asset account OD-10795

  • Add scroll to top of contact details page when there’s an error OD-10799

  • VCU File outcome export incorrect when outcome in not set or 82 OD-11084

  • Remove message tab from user record and add to find related function OD-11121

  • Fix: Enrolment outcome delivery mode cannot be changed from edit sheet when unlocked OD-11209

  • Fix: Payroll sheet fails to render when class contains a per timetabled hour sunk cost OD-11289

  • Field receives incorrect field order when added to existing Data Collection form OD-11371

  • Prevent another payment out from being processed for contact when it has a payment out 'in transaction' status OD-11549

  • Fix inability to edit fields in attendance dialog OD-11614

  • Advanced search Save Find breaks text fields in client when accessed from new dashboard OD-11633

5. onCourse Web

onCourse websites are automatically updated via a continuous deployment model. These release notes summarise website changes deployed recently.

5.1. Web features

  • Portal Class Surveys: Add net promoter score and adjust feedback label based on response OD-10902

  • Web: Add testimonials Component to course page OD-10903

  • Portal: Feedback star colours improvement for visual clarity OD-10945

  • Show system 'invisible' pages in editor OD-11301

  • Remove /class in robots.txt file to improve SEO OD-11524

  • Auto suppress 'add concession' from checkout when the college has no concession options available for self selection on the web OD-11290

  • Auto suppress credit card payment option from checkout when willow admin preferences have not enabled online payment with credit card OD-11293

  • Improve wording of label in Gift voucher sale in checkout to encourage the user to insert their voucher price choice OD-11321

5.2. Web fixes

  • Update summary shopping card state after deleting items from cart OD-11565

  • $0 Courses showing with price 'TBA' on website OD-11495

  • Website- Enrol Button greyed out and not functioning OD-11569

  • Remove extra symbols within web prices OD-11377

  • Wrong money format on web OD-11379

  • CMS > Settings > Website: Missed scroll in days amount field OD-11407

  • editor - 'Menus' list doesn’t fill page when expanded OD-11489

  • editor - redirect list doesn’t scroll OD-11490

  • End User online enrolment - intermittent error message in checkout OD-11501

  • Waiting list checkout response inconsistent OD-11505

  • Intermittent blank payment gateway response OD-11546

  • Multi purchase discounts not applying as expected in checkout OD-11300

  • Custom Field in Checkout - ensure 'other' options works as expected OD-11309

  • Still at School displaying incorrectly in new checkout OD-11255

  • Special Needs help text on /checkout not rendering OD-11256

  • Class status "enrolment disabled" shouldn’t hide session from kiosk display OD-10959

  • Kiosk fix: Only show tutors ticked for the class session OD-11075

  • Display room name instead of site name in Kiosk view OD-11400

  • QR Code validation broken in some circumstances OD-11308

  • Final '0' gets truncated in negative currency sums on portal OD-11510