1. Major features

Create the ability to save dynamic dates in the advanced search OD-8821. You can now save a search for a date of (say) +7 which will always be 7 days from the date the search is run.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Add Survey Export OD-11734

  • onCourse CSV Import file improvements to show better validation errors OD-11258

  • Update contact CSV to include the standard WWCC fields OD-11793

  • Improve Certificate printing for single name students to only print their name once OD-9468

2.1. Minor features

  • Set automatic logout to 60 minutes in new databases OD-10087

  • Remove approved property from TutorAttendance entity OD-10113

  • Improved access control for generate tutor pay OD-10515

  • Add Funding Contract to Enrolment advanced search OD-11199

  • Load all fonts and not just TrueType OD-11246

  • AVETMISS 8 Add new outcome option - Incomplete due to RTO closure (41) OD-11303

  • AVETMISS 8 Outcome identifier – national - 85 – Not yet started OD-11338

  • AVETMISS 8 USI - allow code INDIV OD-11339

  • AVETMISS cogwheel export runner - don’t show override option that doesn’t apply when running from enrolments or classes OD-11611

  • Remove label Beta from AVETMISS 8 exports OD-11638

  • Remove special handling of QLD superceded outcome status OD-11778

  • Add checkbox to AVETMISS runner - include outcomes linked by enrolment OD-11803

  • Refactor implementation of creating SavedFind OD-11631

  • Add 'about' to new Dashboard’s help tab for windows OD-11701

  • Increase Survey.comment to LONGTEXT OD-11721

2.2. Fixes

  • Inconsistency in course name length validation OD-10616

  • Payment Out total owing should not be recalculated OD-11064

  • contact fullName field doesn’t print one name when firstName and lastName are the same OD-11102

  • en_AU locale broken in Java 9 OD-11115

  • Find related works differently on voucher from 'Vouchers' or 'Sales' OD-11164

  • Incorrect AccountTransactions for Voucher type paymentInLines OD-11322

  • Include Funding Contract in class duplication - does not behave like other class vet tab fields OD-11449

  • Contacts should be able to have >1 relationships with the same contact if they are of different relationship types OD-11469

  • Unable to perform search from Cog Option in Class list advanced find OD-11545

  • Change of rules to USI exemption SHORT OD-11594

  • Sometimes cannot switch between onCourse application windows OD-11612

  • onCourse freezing when closing Contacts files and running new search OD-11651

  • onCourse contact search UI freeze OD-11686

  • Webstart doesn’t load FX stylesheets with spaces in path OD-11661

  • Type missing from advanced search in Payment in and payment out OD-11668

  • Application fee override defaults to $0.00 on new applications OD-11675

  • Script event 'Class Published' puts wrong object into args.value OD-11676

  • Splash screen no longer appears on onCourse startup OD-11657

  • 'Credits' text on splashScreen is not placed in splashScreen’s size. OD-11698

  • Splash screen doesn’t disappear if double opened OD-11699

  • AVETMISS exported - commenced enrolments exports wrong data OD-11750

  • AVETMISS: 'Did not Start' should always export as two blank spaces for Smart & Skilled exports OD-11751

  • Illegal control characters break replication OD-11767

  • Tutor Role search doesn’t work OD-9986

2.3. Web features

Massive improvements in performance have been the result of the last year of improvements to the web platform now being rolled out. In many cases the page rendering speed is 2-3 times faster.