1. Major features

This is one of our most feature packed releases in the history of onCourse. The new user interface rollout is gaining momentum as we solve UX problems. Although 'sites and rooms' are not something you use often, the technology we built here will quickly appear across all of onCourse. For this reason it is really important you give us your feedback as soon as possible. What do you find easy to use and what changes confuse you? Now is the time to talk to us.

1.1. Sites and rooms

In 9.8 we rolled out the new user interface to Modules and Qualifications. Those were fairly simple, but now sites and rooms are done and we’ve implemented the following key features:

  • exporting

  • printing

  • tags (adding, searching)

  • custom filters

  • new search syntax for #tags and @customFilters

  • three column list view (editing records without leaving the list)

  • displaying, adding and editing notes

  • displaying, adding and editing documents

1.2. Query language

The new sites and rooms screens implement the onCourse query language, including support for searching on tags and custom filters. A whole new section of the manual details how to use this feature. It is important that you understand how this works because the new functionality will be rolled out across the entire onCourse. It is extremely powerful and much faster to use than the old advanced search.

1.3. Custom modules and units

You can now add your own VET component data to onCourse which isn’t sourced from TGA. This is useful for state based Modules which aren’t on TGA, skill sets and for non-VET CSO delivery. No longer do you need us to update the data for you, but you can add components whenever you want.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Statement of Attainment Template increased outcomes on first page to 6 lines OD-12127

2.1. Minor features

  • Additional title, honorific and middle name contact fields for enrolment OD-11275

  • 2 and 3 column view switching OD-12219

  • Audits upgrading to new user interface OD-12255

  • List View Filters column resizing OD-12290

  • NOT NULL constraint for ConcessionType.createdOn/modifiedOn columns OD-12295

  • Resize left filter column in new UI OD-12306

  • Printing enabled for the new UI OD-12308

  • Execute Script in the new UI OD-12315

  • Improve documentation for onCourse server API OD-12327

  • Use List API to get Site entities for preferences OD-12328

  • Implement AQL search for Site, Room, Qualification and Module entities OD-12329

  • Create list view for Site and Room OD-12330

  • Manage Custom Filters Client logic OD-12338

  • Migration cayenne-like expressions in SavedFind to AQL OD-12348

  • Filters and advanced search in conjunction for AQL search OD-12349

  • Auto detect SSL keystore change in to support Let’s Encrypt certificates OD-12374

  • Tag Relation validation for entities OD-12445

  • Site UI validation OD-12451

  • Extend EntityAPI with 'columns' paramaters OD-12452

  • Add isoCodeAlpha2 to onCourseDB.Country OD-12462

3. Fixes

A major fix is OD-12380 which corrected the way tags are fetched from the database. In certain circumstances onCourse would load too much data and cause memory issues on the server which could even cause the server to restart.

  • Reference data (such as TGA modules) update failed in 9.8 release OD-12320

  • Unauthenticated react UI shown with no data OD-12168

  • User Role Settings not working as expected OD-12209

  • Tags: NULL is not saved in db after creating new entity OD-12237

  • Cannot connect to onCourse on 32 bit windows OD-12352

  • AVETMISS export throws error OD-12361

  • Tag reordering doesn’t work on the same hierarchy level OD-12368

  • Smart and Skilled export error 'something went wrong' OD-12449

  • Fee Help Amount field input values reset unexpectedly OD-12454

  • Two Step Authenticator still requires new authentication every log in OD-12392

  • Date selection bug in File > Preferences > General > Holidays OD-12375