Release 0.7

01 Jan 2008

Major features

Content Management System (CMS)

This is for the building of a web site which surrounds the course and enrolment pages. At the moment, colleges using our web enrolment systems have a separate mechanism for updating 'static' content via ftp and uploading files into a template. These pages might include special offers, policies, contact us, etc.

With the new onCourse CMS, pages and menu structure can be built using onCourse itself. Just like your courses and other information, these pages automatically update the web site. What's more, some neat new things will be possible:

  • automatic generation of menus

  • embedding dynamic content everywhere. This allows you to mix dynamic content from courses, classes, sites, etc with 'static' pages. This allows you to easily build special offer pages for instance.

  • rich text display through our tagging markup syntax

Images and pdf attachment

With the introduction of these option, you can embed images and pdfs everywhere – this includes images on course pages, such as a tutor photo, or pdfs attached to a course or other page.


A 'tagging' concept for courses, classes, web pages and other content allows you to build rich ways to navigate through your data. You may wish to group all courses as part of a specific promotion and have that grouping display as a list on your web site. Or you may wish to have a purely internal classification of areas of responsibility for classes. Think of this like categories and subcategories which extend as many levels as you want and with much more flexibility, not just for the web site but for your internal use as well.

Multi-currency support

Not everyone uses $, so we will extend the capabilities of the system to allow for other currency symbols. This doesn't make onCourse exchange rate aware, but allows it to operate outside of Australia.


We are writing a generic import function which will bring in XML data from other enrolment systems. The idea is that we then write specific converter scripts for each program or data set we need to import which plug into this generic import framework. We will be releasing the documentation for this XML format so that others will also be able to write their own converter scripts.

Indesign export

More than just a text export, this tight integration with this popular layout program allows you to bring across courses, classes, tutor information, categories and subcategories. At the same time they can be automatically styled, ready for publication with only a few tweaks.

Minor features

  • Zeroconf server location4121

  • Role based/conditional validation4204

  • Build script enhancements4210

  • [Client GUI] Conditional disabling of data entry in edit screens.4235

  • database schema changes4257

  • [client] Cannot quit when server crashed4444

  • [client GUI] Site edit view. Room list columns not resizable.4446

  • [client GUI] new window tiling4447

  • [Client GUI] sheet shadow4456

  • move client/server common code into framework4486

  • multiple onCourse servers now cannot upload to web even if they have the same username/pass4521

  • [onCourse client] Allocating payment in money4541

  • AVETMISS export improvements4578

  • Cayenne infrastructure4586

  • Licensing file4601

  • rollover Classes functional enhancement4620

  • implement count query to improve speed of class list4622

  • [Server] Backup system improvements4641

  • global key event catch4649

  • client hangs on server restart4653

  • Review/implement command line switches/system properties4793

  • [Server GUI] file open dialog to be replaced4857

  • network gone -> disconnect dialog4861

  • Site postcode needs to become a String for non AU sites4918

  • Deselecting an item in the list view not currently possible.4957

  • return key saving the form4977

  • new feature: student number4981

  • course screen (checkbox for show only current classes)4983

  • add "?" widget link to help/information page/system.5053

  • textarea - provide facility to disallow tabs (to tab out of field)5122

  • Invoice number generation5211

  • server starting on linux5212

  • java file browser (selecting data file dir) difficult to use on windows5217

  • Accredited Courses and Qualifications search5219

  • [derby] batching speed improvements5260

  • Print dialog improvements6132

  • log file location6501

  • Certificates printing6559

  • class roll printing6598

  • class find - day of week description6759

  • find class: Funding source - contents of combo box too long for find sheet6760

  • find student: prior education code - combo too long for sheet6763

  • Cancel button key accelerator6794

  • session response to indicate records to re-replicate6801

  • QE fails -> got spinning wheel - needs an explanation message6811

  • fix up some preference keys6814

  • print to print -> logger.error when printer is only offline6817

  • order of reports - initial printing dialog6831

  • Class tagging6840

  • Class printing Transactions6850

  • Implement xml import6852

  • fix taskbar icon and other windows enhancements6860

  • error on site selection when creating a class6865

  • windows client sometimes stuck on "contacting server"6877

  • raw textile markup of course/class descriptions inside QE details6900

  • client should only connect to correct version of server6901

  • student list search enhancement requests (search by course/class)6913

  • onCourse Server, replication http error code handling6922

  • tutor displayed in session list6930

  • onCourse Enrolment Avetmiss screen6932

  • QE cancelEnrolment() method6934

  • find x with tag6937

  • Message templates - unable to add tags after initial open/close/re-open6954

  • merge students with existing enrollments6958

  • Quick Enroll - email confirmation to students checkbox6960

  • payment in: open existing record, validation error on amount.6961

  • shared email addresses ie. husband/wife6963

  • numbers in email address eg.

  • onCourse server 0.6.1 does not start with os x 10.36978

  • row size of outcomes tab in edit class view6983

  • send messages - save button doesn't become enabled6985

  • refunding money owed6991

  • problems with two sheets displayed one after another6994

  • onCourse client does not start on 10.36996

  • windows choose file dialog sometimes displays no files6997

  • freebsd packaging improvements7001

  • Zeroconf sometimes doesn't 'find server'7002

  • fix layout of duplicate class screen7011

  • transactions window7012

  • Better reporting of missing JDK7100

  • improve client server speed with large number of records (eg over 50,000)7118

  • can no longer edit students after opening/closing 2 or 37119

  • onCourse Server not starting7120

  • onCourse server about splash has no build version7152

  • default tag group(s): onCourse-Web7153

  • "gateway response" field not found in model7154

  • tax rate needs more decimal places7174

  • Printing dialog - Certificate7187

  • merge preview screen - enrolments tab not updated7194

  • invoices total shows non-gst while owing shows gst value7200

  • Mac os x doesn't correctly detect jdk version7202

  • Open office integration7212

  • Tutor: web password7221

  • Course VET requirements/field of education7224

  • Course: class sheet size/resizing issues - cropped7228

  • (i) gif needs to be slightly smaller to match label height7231

  • session dragging weirdness when dragged across months7236

  • Discount min/max fields formatter not showing $7239

  • Class and student message alerts.7244

  • short name + name confusion in tag7277

  • Refunds do not account for discounts7297

  • find button disabled sometimes7298

  • qualifications with no field of education need to be supported in Course VET tab7299

  • server gui does not look ok when path to datafile too long7318

  • Tag group delete failure7321

  • The attachment selection widget7326

  • Compiled reports stored in db7332

  • Orphaned web pages7356

  • Update sample data7357

  • Server GUI: logged in time display7361

  • Create Open Office templates7366

  • Student uniqueness validation7378

  • Importing XML7380

  • button alignment broken on windows in several places7396

  • bottom edge of sheet (eg. find dialog) missing7398

  • Solaris server doesn't run all data population scripts7399

  • Financial preferences windows should be smaller7400

  • Default currency in financial preferences should be set to Australian dollar7401

  • GUI Component minimum size7403

  • Image import TIFF7404

  • Import attachment7405

  • Deleting a concession GUI drawing issue7406

  • Price validation7412

  • calendar right click problem7419

  • Cayenne DataChannelCallbackInterceptor NPE7422

  • Tags: Check-marking students not sticking7426

  • changes to class fees in class edit not being saved7427

  • Removing course web attachments does not disappear when hitting the "-"7437

  • resizing columns behaviour improvement7438

  • Class edit view: can assign site, but room popup blank7439

  • Course - web tab - attachments - deleting not enabled without several clicks7447

  • Frame size (after financial prefs change) issue7448

  • Deleting tag - after clicking save button7450

  • new window size issue7451

  • Printing certificate - warning but still able to save as pdf7452

  • Course - web tab - attachments - "-" doesn't remove until saved and reopened7454

  • certificate edit window too small7461

  • Preference screen, username and pass fields alignment7478

  • Personalised reports broken in 0.7 preview7495

  • refactoring of credit card transaction processing in Quick Enrol to improve usability7499

  • unify the custom component height7545

  • Remove thermometer on window open7557

  • Windows gui improvements7561

  • Cannot replicate images to web site7562