Release 19

26 Apr. 2020

Reports and scripts

  • The tutor notification script can now send per session.

Minor features

  • AVETMISS include outcomes linked by commitment id OD-14215

  • The new message templates can now link to entities other than contact


  • Security warnings appearing where they don't need to and don't have effct OD-14147

  • Payment plan edit in class budget needs to scroll OD-14191

  • Deposit banking - payments are not visible by default OD-14197

  • Documents - displaying relation to Prior Learning OD-14200

  • Payment records before locked date should not show validation errors OD-14214

  • Issue adding new document in documents window via + button OD-14275

  • Changing session date doesn't register first time OD-14285

  • Selected funding contract not appearing in AVETMISS 8 export if VET flag not ticked OD-14322

  • Message Templates not sending when calling header or footer OD-14326

  • Documents issue - Images with security issues OD-14327

  • Messages - Find Related > Contacts showing different contact to message receiver OD-14332

  • Can't scroll filters in list views when window is small OD-14333

  • Nested list views scrolling issues in smaller windows OD-14334

  • Invoice edit view scrolling is missing OD-14339

  • Script editing doesn't save results OD-14340

Web features

    Web fixes

    • Show link to classes and site details for virtual sites