Release 2.1.2

24 May 2011

Reports and scripts


  • Fixed all financial reports where $ displayed as ?

  • Added new report 'Class Information', like enrolment confirmation but without student particulars

  • Added new report 'Sales by Course Location', groups enrolments within data range by class site and shows number of enrolments and total fees paid for each class

  • Added discount column to 'Class Invoice Report'

  • Fixed printing options for 'Deposit Banking Report' and added totals to the footer of the report

  • Enabled printing of the 'Transaction Summary and Detail Reports' from the transaction window

  • Suppress printing of tutor details in 'Enrolment Confirmation Report' when the tutor is not marked as being in publicity

  • Added the student name and invoice number to Transaction Detail report to improve reconciliation

  • Suppress display of cancelled class sessions in Room Details report

  • Display website label and enrolment count for Sales Report where enrolments are processed online

  • Fixed wrapping for long Unit of Competency names in Certificate Transcripts

  • Improved layout of 'class roll – contact no' report

  • Suppress printing of unsuccessful units on Statement of Attainment, but ensure they print on student transcripts with results (for standard and customised reports)

  • Fixed sorting of the 'Budgets' report and added a new report 'Budget Summary' to only show totals by subject tag grouping

Important notes

  • Searching on tags in advanced search has been removed for this release. It has a number of problems which are still unresolved and need extensive work. They will return in a future release.

Minor features

  • Speed and responsiveness of the client and server application improved

  • Exporting AVETMISS from classes now allows you to filter outcomes by date range

  • Server startup is now much faster

  • Added AVETMISS field: "Still at school" to student window

  • Added new contact fields: title and honorific (eg. "Dr" and "B.Sc")

  • Added 'Do not report for AVETMISS' field to classes to always suppress all related records from any type of AVETMISS export

  • Added choice about assigning same classes and rooms during class duplication process

  • Added additional fields to Certificate window list view and advanced search options to improve user interface, including full qualification identifier, certificate number, date created and date printed


Important fixes

  • Certain dollar amounts for classes would not be rounded correctly, meaning they could be several cents away from the desired amount

  • Budget tab calculations would sometimes not update onscreen in response to other changes even when the values in the database were correct

  • Many improvements to the timetabling feature: visual display, behaviour of entry fields, speed improvements

  • Server startup, upgrade and reference data import has been made more reliable

  • Printed report templates are now properly updating when new versions of reports are released by ish

  • Sometimes reference data was not updating properly. This has been fixed.

  • Incorrect class venue was shown on website where class venue was different to the Course venue

Minor fixes

  • College name and administration site now always visible on the client dashboard

  • Outcome can now be edited from student screen

  • Improved messaging (email, sms, post) interface

  • Reduced size of data file by detecting and avoiding duplicate attachment files

  • Innodb is now the default for mysql. This only affects users creating new databases.

  • fixed AVETMISS export issues, mainly for QLD

  • fixed NSW DET AVETMISS export length to meet the change in standard requirements

  • minor adjustments to user interface layout and size

  • Fixed ability to revoke incorrectly issued VET Certificates

  • Re-enabled ability to create new concession types

  • Re-enabled ability to delete attachments from records

  • Allow sales of $0 memberships

  • Automatically assign the outcome of 81 to VET flagged courses during AVETMISS export, if not set to another value by the user

  • Allow edit of global unavailability rules

  • Improved implementation of access rights with timetable editor interface

  • Allow sort by student name in enrolment window

  • Allow creation of a private booking as the first 'class' for a new course

  • Improve private booking interface to auto select the private booking class for enrolment