Release 2.1.9

02 Dec 2011


  • Failed and 'in transaction' enrolments should not be able to be refunded.

  • Setting 'is Offered' and 'reportable hours' for qualifications would sometimes be reset

  • Sending lots of tags to the website at once sometimes did not work.

  • Mailing lists were not updating on the website

  • A successful enrolment/payment could sometimes report as failed in onCourse.

  • Display of class budgeted income, was not accounting for some costs

  • Upgrading onCourse from 1.7 version to 2.1.8 might fail due to some data upgrades.

  • Attendance would sometimes fail to update on the website, meaning that the skillsOnCourse portal would be missing some students in the class roll.

  • Some outcome records would not update on the website

  • Preferences window layout was visually ugly when credit card payments are enabled

  • Rolling over a class potentially resulted in start/end dates one day out for 2012, due to improper handling of daylight savings and leap year.

  • Reduced memory usage for some data upgrades

  • Enrolment last modification timestamp was not recorded properly in the database.

  • Changing Courses and Classes subject tags did not apply correctly to the website