Release 25

13 Jun. 2020

Minor features

  • Remove invoice and payment from old UI OD-14101

  • Script API: File output result OD-14266

  • Script: VET-course-completion-survey updated OD-14367

  • Checkout: display voucher value field OD-14497

  • Automation paramater: money type OD-14595

  • PaymentIn: merge reverse payment cogwheel items OD-14657

  • PaymentOut use new banking API OD-14658

  • Script automation - remove entity for schedule type script OD-14679


  • Certificates - Search query issues OD-14260

  • Script: improve email closure robustness OD-14418

  • Concession discounts are not available in checkout OD-14557

  • Checkout: related contact membership discount is not applied OD-14561

  • Redundant cents in payment due OD-14608

  • Virtual Sites - should always show related times in users local timezone OD-14632

  • VET default fields for Class, Enrolment and Outcome max chars validation missing OD-14637

  • Transferring an enrolment - payer not added automatically OD-14644

  • Script: successful enrolment should have record variable OD-14647

  • Don't show 'incorrect voucher' error until full code is entered OD-14648

  • SMS Queue shortcut doesn't render window OD-14651

  • USI Upgrade notification on new student records OD-14652

  • Payment Out: hide fully paid credit card payments OD-14660

  • Checkout: implement send invoice on redemption for vouchers OD-14663

  • Voucher: allow all contacts to be linked to voucher OD-14664

  • Add validation to creating bindings with a same name OD-14665

  • Cannot re-order Headings in data collection forms OD-14669

  • Impossible to create message template with type SMS OD-14678