Release 9.0 Beta 2

26 October 2016

Major features

onCourse Certificate Verification Portal

The onCourse Certificate Verification Portal has now been deployed for all customers who have implemented the QR code printing function on their onCourse Qualification and Statement of Attainment certificates.

The Certificate Verification Portal will allow employers or other RTOs to confirm the certificate was issued to the student named without requiring them phone, or otherwise contact the RTO to request look up of the Certificate number in the register.

By taking a snapshot of the QR code printed on your certificates, clicking in the code from a PDF certificate of visiting and typing in the unique certificate code, a verification page will be displayed with an electronic record of the units successfully completed, student name and date of issue. Revoked or otherwise invalid certificates will display 'no certificate found'.

Welcome to the certificate verification portal

A verified Statement of Attainment

If you are not yet printing the QR code on your certificates and you would like some assistance to do so, please get in contact with us at


The new AVETMISS export has been added to this release of onCourse which includes the additional delivery modes.

AVETMISS 8 Export window

Reports and scripts

  • Added the last outcome end date as 'Date achieved' to the Certificate of Attendance report #30042

Minor features

  • Additional advanced search options for the Enrolment general and VET Fee Help tabs have been added #28696

  • The course-class code export has been updated due to the changes to VET fee Help to make VLL and VCU consistent with it#29842


  • Fix to the display of the contact financial tab so the balance calculates correctly #29558

  • Improvement to the creation of new custom filters so that they display in the list view after re-opening the window #29397

  • Import of new reports now correctly updates the report description #27304

  • Improvement to display of payment in list to clearly identify undeposited vs deposited funds #29360

  • Improvement to sales filters to differentiate between active and expired and cancelled memberships #29391

  • Allow multiple contacts to be removed from manual messaging lists #29398

  • Fix to permission for deletion of waitlist entries #29436

  • Fix to remove text field delimiters from CQR export #29592

  • Improvement to the AVETMISS delivery mode value so the inherited value behaves like other inherited values when locked or unlocked #29595

  • Improved the invoiceLine description default wording since some of the data was being repeated #28008

  • Changed the column headings in the Deposit Banking, Payment In and Payment Out list views from 'Created' to 'Date paid'. Changed the field in the Payment In edit view from 'Date created' to Date paid' #29643

  • Search results for census date now does not include results from day before or after selected period. E.g. 1-30 Sep period shows only September results, no results from 31 Aug or 1 Oct #29841

  • The 'is not empty' filter in the advanced search now correctly shows records with nothing in commitment ID field #29757

  • When a discount is manually changed at the class level, it now duplicates across when duplicating the class. #29852

  • Class list load times have been improved #29918

  • Emails sent to incorrect address (e.g. student@mailcom) are now being marked as not 'failed' #28587

  • Fix to the dashboard tab so it's now displaying data again #29201

  • The certificate report now always selects the correct template #29898

  • Credit notes are now automatically created when sales are cancelled #29958

  • Fix to the journals when vouchers are redeemed. Voucher liability total cannot be charged for more than the amount payed for the voucher, however it can be more than the used voucher value (e.g. when voucher value is less than voucher price) #29961

  • If the Messaging access right 'Email over 50 contacts' is not enabled then this restricts sending of emails from template to 50+ people. A message is also shown to the user when trying to send to more people #29730

  • LDAP SSL setting incorrect changes Bind user DN #30193

Web features

  • A new option to the CMS has been added to enable tutor outcome marking in the portal. This option is disabled by default. #28870