Release 9.3.1

1 Aug 2017

Reports and scripts

  • Validation on Transaction report if there is no results for the selected date range OD-10725

  • Validation on CAN to prevent report printing if not VET Student Loan enrolment OD-10726

  • Font specification in reports can cause errors. Should fall back to OpenSans by default. OD-10783

Minor features

  • Discard button location inconsistent in quick enrol OD-10146

  • API method hasTag() with children OD-10204

  • Make a bigger clickable target for attendance icon OD-10496

  • Message created by key to prevent sending duplicate messages OD-10520

  • Create Import process for payments OD-10618

  • Reverse discounts in GL when credit note is created OD-10760

  • Contact GST Tax table on willow OD-10762

  • Class cog wheel should not need scroll bar OD-10768

  • Remember highlighted record in list view OD-9705


  • Fix layout of 'Add Related Courses' sheet OD-10292

  • Access control - Create tutor role doesn't give sufficient rights OD-10340

  • UI - Suburb and DOB not populating in Certificate window OD-10454

  • Payroll confirmation sheet - overridden notice OD-10498

  • Certificate detail: sort by outcome status non responsive OD-10516

  • Kiosk mode URL from site or room link 404 error when URL in preferences doesn't start with www OD-10537

  • USI field shows incorrect error OD-10555

  • Advanced Search on Zero Value OD-10571

  • Memory leak in swing & javafx usage OD-10574

  • Moodle Integration - Convert Student Data to Lowercase Letters OD-10577

  • Clearing search does not refresh Voucher list view OD-10606

  • Can't backdate payment plan Invoice When Using Quick Enrol OD-10710

  • Correct label on the class for VET Student loan OD-10727

  • default cron setting for 'send certificate created notification' running multiple times per day OD-10733

  • Evaluate impact of vouchers posting to income instead of liability and plan for data fix OD-10735

  • Don't allow user to add always mandatory fields to data collection forms OD-10736

  • Format of fields in Smart & Skilled Bulk upload template doesn't match specifications OD-10745

  • Client doesn't logout properly sometimes OD-10758

  • Issues with generating tutor pay for self-paced classes OD-10761

  • PaymentOut status should be leave 'in transaction' if the sync replication is finished with Exception OD-10764

  • Tag set bound to Tutors does not accept mandatory option even though all tutors are tagged OD-10787

  • Java 8 release 141 can not verify signing in resource OD-10805

  • Traineeship Courses not saving OD-10806

  • Manual payment plan unclear in the user interface OD-9332