onCourse handbook

Aristedes Maniatis

Rex Chan

Natalie Morton

Barry Wazzy


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Table of Contents

I. Installation and setup
1. Downloading and installing onCourse
System and hardware requirements
Network requirements
Database considerations
Upgrading onCourse
Troubleshooting connection problems
2. General Preferences
General Preferences Terms and Definitions
Setting your General Preferences
The Messaging Tab
LDAP Authentication Tab
Maintenance tab
Printing Tab
Export Tab
3. Advanced Setup and Configuration
Custom fields
Financial Setup
Advanced onCourse Features
Access Control (authorisation)
Using an external database
Server configuration file
4. Email Templates
It's easy to construct emails with onCourse.
II. Entering data
5. Getting Started
How to get around the onCourse interface
6. Tags and Tag Groups
Using Tags
A flexible way to add classification and structure to your data
Creating a filter in advanced search to make tagging more powerful.
Tagging and Untagging multiple records
7. Sites and Rooms
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Sites and Rooms
Creating Sites and Rooms
8. Creating and Modifying Contacts
What is a contact?
Adding a new contact
Adding a new contact in Quick Enrol
Modifying contact details
Adding Pictures To Contacts
9. Contacts - Tutors, Students and Companies
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Tutors
Creating Tutors
Contacting tutors by email or SMS
10. Creating Courses
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Courses
VET Courses
11. Creating Classes
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Classes
Class Record Tabs
Special Class Functions
Creating Classes
Publishing classes online
Creating class budgets
Adding RTO and VET data to class records
Working with classes that have enrolments
Marking Student and Tutor attendance
12. Concessions
Creating a concession
Concession Types
13. Mailing lists
Why use mailing lists
Creating a mailing list
Student self subscriptions
Manually adding or removing students from a mailing list
Unsubscribing a contact from a mailing list
14. Waiting Lists
Enabling waiting lists
Student web subscription to waiting lists
Managing waiting lists within onCourse
Advising students on waiting lists that a class is available
III. Processes
15. Processing Enrolments
Terms and Definitions
Working with Quick Enrol
Creating an enrolment with Quick Enrol
3rd Party Payments
Payments In
16. Cancellations, Transfers and Refunds
Cancelling a single enrolment
Creating a manual credit note
Using the credited amount as credit towards another enrolment
Refunding a student
Cancelling A Class
Student Transfers
17. Private Bookings and Custom Classes
Creating and Enrolling Students in a Custom Class
18. RTO Guide
Setting and modifying outcomes
CSWE courses, classes and outcomes
VET delivery hours
VET Certificates
Courses by Cluster
Traineeships and Custom Training
19. AVETMISS Reporting
What do I have to lodge?
20. Reporting
Existing reports
Printed Reports in onCourse
Developing custom reports
Importing a custom report
SQL Reporting with a JDBC connector
21. Importing and exporting
22. Sending messages
Selecting people to contact
Sending SMS, Email and postal (snail) mail
No spam please
23. Discounts
Common discount questions
Create a discount
24. Accounting
Principles of Accrual Accounting
Relationship between the Student and the Debtor within onCourse
Explanation of Financial Transactions Generated by the System
Assigning Account Codes within onCourse
Accessing Financial Information from onCourse
Banking and Reconciliation
25. Payroll
Setting standard pay rates
Class budget with tutor pay
Confirming Attendance and exceptions
Generating Payslips

List of Examples

5.1. How to cancel a class using the cogwheel
5.2. How to duplicate a class
5.3. How to use the cogwheel to contact tutors and students
5.4. How to create a certificate of attendance
6.1. How to create a Filter using Advanced Search:
6.2. How to bulk tag
7.1. How to set up a new site
7.2. How to set up a new Room
9.1. How to create a new tutor
10.1. Example course and classes
10.2. How to create a new course
10.3. How to "remove" a unit of competency from a class
10.4. Creating a VET Course
11.1. Example course and classes
11.2. How to create a new class
11.3. How to create sessions
11.4. How to create a class budget
11.5. Setting the VET information for a class
12.1. Setting up a concession for a seniors card holder
12.2. Creating a last minute discount for previously enrolled students.
12.3. How to create a concession type
15.1. How to use Quick Enrol to create an enrolment
15.2. Adding a second or subsequent enrolment
15.3. Adding additional students
15.4. Adding additional charges
15.5. Adding a 3rd party payer
15.6. Enrolling a student in credit or debt
15.7. What do you do if you have recorded a payment (income) without any payment actually being made?
15.8. How do I charge a cancellation fee after I have created the credit note for the full amount paid?
15.9. How do I change part of an enrolment fee to a business, and part to a student?
15.10. How to enrol a student with a 3rd party payer
15.11. How to add a company as a contact
15.12. How to enrol a student and Invoice a Company for the enrolment
15.13. How to refund a company for payment marked as received, but should have been invoiced
15.14. How to process a payment in
15.15. Example of a Payment In
15.16. Example of paying off a previous and current enrolment together
16.1. How to cancel a single enrolment
16.2. How to create a manual credit note
16.3. How to refund a student
19.1. How to export date range AVETMISS data
19.2. How to export AVETMISS for one or more classes
25.1. How to create tutor pay rates
25.2. Assigning a tutor and payrate to a class in one step
25.3. How to set unavailabilities for a tutor
25.4. Setting tutor attendance for payroll