Chapter 19. AVETMISS Reporting

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What do I have to lodge?


AVETMISS stands for Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard.

In the AQTF 2010, Condition 6 Certification & Issuing of Qualifications & Statements of Attainment states: "The RTO must have a student records management database in place that has the capacity to provide the registering body with AVETMISS compliant data."

If you are using onCourse, you're in luck - onCourse is the only free AVETMISS compliant student management database currently available to the Australian RTO market.

The AVETMISS data you are required to submit are made up of a series of files with names like NAT00120. These files must be supplied as plain text in a fixed width format. These files are not very easy to create or read by a human as if one character is in the wrong place, the whole file can be rejected. The courses, classes, students and outcomes you create in onCourse will be exported out of onCourse into these files for you, ready to lodge as required.

This is what the NAT000120 file looks like when ready for submission.


What do I have to lodge?

NCVER publishes the National AVETMISS VET Provider Specifications and AVETMISS Data Element Definitions. If you don't have a copy of these, we recommend downloading them for your reference. Depending on the state where you are lodging, you will also need to meet some state specific variations. These can be found here:

New South Wales



Western Australia

South Australia


Australia Capital Territory

Northern Territory

Training Organisation (NAT00010) file

All the data in this file is collected in the onCourse general preferences window. Go to File > Preferences > General. Select the AVETMISS tab and enter the contact details of your business.

Training Organisation Delivery Location (NAT00020) File

These are your onCourse sites. Set up each site where you deliver training and enter the address details. You can ignore the latitude and longitude fields. onCourse will require you to create at least one room for each site (this has nothing to do with AVETMISS, it is part of our timetabling feature) so to make it simple, give each site a room with a generic name like 'default'.

Course (NAT00030) File and Module/Unit of Competency (NAT00060) File

This information comes from the onCourse Course detail (what we call a 'course' in onCourse is different to what AVETMISS calls a course). When you create a new course in onCourse, go to the VET tab and add the Qualification and Unit(s) that you are delivering as part of this program. All the NTIS data is built in so when you start typing the code, the rest of the unit information will appear to select from the list. You can set up full qualification courses here or short courses with one or more units.

As you add the units, add the nominal hours information to each unit.

Remember NTIS doesn't record or publish the module details of state accredited courses. If you would like us to add the accredited course modules you deliver to onCourse, please contact us and we will import them for you at no additional charge. To get students enrolled into courses, you will next need to create one or more classes, then use Quick Enrol to enrol your students.

More instructions on how to create a course

More instruction on how to create classes

More instruction on how to enrol students

Link to Victorian Nominal Hours

Client (NAT00080) File and Client Postal Details (NAT00085) File and Disability (NAT00090) File and Prior Educational Achievement (NAT00100) File

Client files in onCourse are called contacts. Create each of your students as contacts in onCourse, ensuring you fill in their address details and the data on the AVETMISS tab. Unique client identifiers are auto assigned. You don't see these in the contact detail, but you can search on them from the contact window if you later get a validation error for one of your clients.

Enrolment (NAT00120) File

This is the biggest and most critical file - all the detail about what students have enrolled in and completed and whether or not your going to get payment for it. This information comes from a variety of locations in onCourse, so field by field we'll cover it here:

Training Organisation Delivery Location Identifier

This is a reference back to the site you have set up.

Client Identifier

This is a reference back to the student you have set up.

Module/Unit of Competency Identifier

If you set the unit in the course, and have enrolled your student in a class, an outcome record will be created for each unit. But if you have a student who chooses a different elective or you need to add or remove units for an individual student, open the enrolment window, find the enrolment you want to modify and on the outcome tab, make the appropriate changes.

Qualification/Course Identifier

This is a reference back to the course you have set up.

Enrolment Activity Start Date and Enrolment Activity End Date

This is set in the class you have enrolled the student in. When you set up a class in onCourse, set a start date and time and end date and time on the General tab. If you need to modify the start or end date for an individual student, you can do it through the enrolment (as described above) or through the class window by looking on the Outcome tab and changing the date in the field for the student/unit combination of your choice.

Delivery Mode Identifier

This is set in the Class on the VET tab. You can also make changes for individual students on the Outcome list or through their individual enrolment.

Outcome Identifier - National

You can set the outcome identifier (we call it status) on the Outcomes tab in the Class window. If you select all the records in the list and right click on them, you can set them all to 'Successful (20)' and then go back and change the others that should be other statuses (like RPL or Not Yet Competent) one by one. Or you can set them all one by one, whichever you prefer.

Scheduled Hours

The scheduled hours reported are the nominal hours that you set in the unit of competency. If you added the nominal hours when setting up the course it will report here. You can override the Scheduled Hours in the individual outcome.

Funding Source - National

You can set this in the class window on the VET tab, but change it for each outcome in the class Outcomes tab or for each student in their Enrolment record on the General tab. Double click the outcome to see this field.

Commencing Course Identifier

We calculate this for you by comparing the student's record to their previous enrolment records.

Training Contract Identifier - New Apprenticeships and Client Identifier - New Apprenticeships

This information can be entered on the General tab on the student Enrolment.

Study Reason Identifier

You can provide an answer to this question during the enrolment process, or after enrolment by going to the General tab on the student Enrolment.

VET in Schools Flag

This is always reported as N (for no)

Outcome Identifier - Training Organisation

This field is always exported as blank.

Funding Source - State Training Authority

You can enter this information in the Class VET tab or in the individual student's outcome record on the Class Outcomes Tab or the Enrolment Outcomes tab. Double click the outcome to see this field.

Client Tuition Fee

This is the fee you charged the student at the time of enrolment. To charge a fee, set a class fee in the Class General tab. VET courses are usually GST exempt. During the enrolment process, you can charge the student the full fee or give them a manual discount if they meet fee exemption criteria. The fee they pay here is what is reported. Create a full cash payment for each student. Don't worry about the invoices that are automatically created here - they have nothing to do with AVETMISS.

Fee Exemption/Concession Type Identifier

This is set in the student's Enrolment record on the General Tab.

Purchasing Contract Identifier and Purchasing Contract Schedule Identifier

These are set in the class on the VET tab

Hours Attended

This is only used when a student withdraws from a unit without completing it. If you need to set the hours attended you can find the field in the Outcome record on either the Class Outcomes Tab or the Enrolment Outcomes Tab. Double click the outcome to see this field.

State Specific NAT000120 fields

Some states have added extra fields to the AVETMISS standard. These are the ones were have added to onCourse. Please let us know if you are asked to provide something else that is not in the list below so we can add it to onCourse.

(NSW) Booking ID and (NSW) Course Site ID

These are set in the Class window on the VET tab.

(QLD) Full Time Learning Option

In the Enrolment window on the General Tab there is a Full Time Flag (QLD).

(VIC) Hours Attended

This is only used when a student withdraws from a unit without completing it. If you need to set the hours attended you can find the field in the Outcome record on either the Class Outcomes Tab or the Enrolment Outcomes Tab. Double click the outcome to see this field called 'Reportable Hours'.

(VIC) Course Commencement Date

The class start date is always exported here.

(VIC) Eligibility Exemption indicator

This is always exported as N (No).

(VIC) VET FEE-HELP (Income Contingent Loan) Indicator

This is always exported as N (No).

(VIC) Industry code (ANZSIC)

This field is exported as blank.

Qualification Completed (NAT000130) File

To set a student as having completed a qualification, you need to issue a Certificate for them. onCourse will create AQF compliant certificates for your students, but for the purposes of lodging AVETMISS, you don't need to print or issue them.

To create a Certificate record, open the certificate window and click plus. Type the name of the student and the qualification you wish to issue and choose the outcomes from the student's record you wish to add to the certificate. Check the option "satisfies requirements for complete qualification" and save the record. If you are exporting a NSW DET export, and have set all the outcomes for an enrolment (e.g. they are no longer blank) a NAT000130 file will be automatically created for you, even if you have not delivered a full qualification to the student. This is because NSW DET uses the NAT00130 file for a different purpose than the national standard.

More information on creating Certificates in onCourse


How to get your AVETMISS data out of onCourse to submit to the government funding body of your choice

There are two ways to export your data. One is via a date based range and the other is by selecting one or more particular classes you want to export. The date based export will export every outcome in your database (including non-VET outcomes) that have activity during the period you have selected. This type of export is useful for customers who need to report their entire business activity to a monitoring or funding agency. Choosing this type of export will automatically export an outcome of 70 for all outcomes which have end dates outside the reporting range you define. You never need to set an outcome of 70 in onCourse. All non-VET outcomes will also be exported as 81, unless you have manually defined them within onCourse as 82..

Select AVETMISS export from the menu

Example 19.1. How to export date range AVETMISS data

  1. Go to the file menu, select import/export and choose Export AVETMISS...

  2. Select the state you are exporting to. AVETMISS standard is only accepted by NT. Every other state has its own variations. The AQTF Competency Completion report is also available to select from this menu.

  3. You can optionally select to export all blank outcomes with the value 81. This is useful only for testing purposes where you are trying to identify lodgement errors other than blank outcomes.

  4. Select the date range you wish to export and where you wish to export the files to, e.g. your desktop, and select proceed. The 10 text files will then be created ready to be submitted to the government reporting agency of your choice.

Ensure you select the right 'AVETMISS flavour' for the State where you report

Example 19.2. How to export AVETMISS for one or more classes

Sometimes you may wish to export one or a select group of classes only. You can do this from the class window.

  1. Open the class window and run the query or filter to return the classes you wish to export

  2. Highlight from this list the classes you want to export

  3. In the cog wheel, select AVETMISS export

  4. Select the State or requirement you are exporting for. Your files will be saved in a folder in the location you have chosen. You will not export any outcomes as 70 using this method.

How to give your AVETMISS data to the people who want to pay you

Either of the methods above will have created a folder on your computer with text files, all with funny names like NAT00080 and NAT00130. These are things you need to give to the government to get paid. Often, you will need to upload them to a website where they will be validated.

For some types of lodgement you will also need to supply the NAT00085 file. This isn't outlined above, but is essentially the same as the NAT00080 but with your students personal addresses and other contact details. It will be automatically generated when you create an AVETMISS export. Be aware of the privacy implications of supplying this file to third parties. We suggest only supplying it when it is a requirement of your funding.

Your local friendly funding body can help you from here on in if you encounter difficulties with their lodgement process. Customers with onCourse support plans can also log a task in squish for additional assistance.


Want to know something specific about onCourse and AVETMISS? Post your question in our forums. Response to common questions will be added here also.

How can I get my State Accredited Modules added to onCourse?

We add custom modules on request. We need to add them manually to onCourse as they are not published by NTIS. You can send an Excel file to ish with the following information: Unit code, Unit Title and the Field of Education ID (6 characters).

Once these have been added by us, your onCourse server will download the changes within 48 hours, and they will be available in the Unit of Competency list with the other included units. You may like to also read the information about Trouble Shooting Connection Problems if the units do not download automatically.

You can provide the list of Units to add to onCourse in an excel spreadsheet

Where do I enter the State Funding Codes in onCourse for the state where I am reporting to?

There are two places where you can set your State Funding Source codes. The first in on the VET tab of the class. This is a useful place to set the code when all (or most) of the students in the class have the same funding source applying to them.

First you will need to make sure you have an up to date list of the appropriate State Funding Codes to use within your reporting state. onCourse doesn't maintain a list of these codes, you will need to contact your local reporting officer to obtain this information.

Enter your State Funding Source code in the field highlighted.

If a student has a different funding code which applies to them, you can just change their outcomes funding codes to make it different to the one set at the class level. If all students in the class have different funding codes, you don't need to set anything at the class level, but can set each outcome separately. Double click on the outcome line in the Class Outcomes tab to set this information. You can also access this list from the individual student's Contact or Enrolment record.

Enter your State Funding Source code in the field highlighted for each outcome.

How do I record a student's outcome who has completed a different elective from the rest of class?

Once you have set up the outcomes at the Course level, every student enrolling in a Class from that Course will have all of the outcomes applied to their record. If a student chooses a different elective from the one you have set a the course level you can change their outcome so it is linked to a different Unit of Competency.

You can do this by going into Class Outcome tab and double clicking on the outcome you wish to change. Type the Module code or Module name into the field and click Ok to link to a new outcome.

If you wish to add or delete an outcome from the student's record, you need to do this from the Enrolment Outcome tab. You will see a + and a - button in the top right hand corner. Use these to add or delete outcome records as required.

Adding an additional Outcome via the student's Enrolment record.