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6 Dec 2016


I. Getting Started with onCourse
1. onCourse Cloud
What is onCourse cloud?
The onCourse Cloud Demo
Running onCourse from your browser
Trouble Shooting Java Web Start
2. Getting Started
How to get around the onCourse interface
Welcome to ish onCourse
The onCourse home screen
Menu Bar
List View
Filters and query
Core Filters
Tag Groups
Simple Queries
Advanced Queries
Saved Finds
Find related records
Cogwheel special functions
Bulk add or remove classes from website
Cancel classes
Contacting tutors and students
Create certificates.
Record detail view
Open related records
3. Users and Authentication
Changing user settings and passwords
Preventing users from logging in twice concurrently
onCourse Login with Two Factor Authentication
Enabling two factor authentication
Disabling or resetting two factor authentication
Emergency access
4. Sites and Rooms
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Sites and Rooms
Site Record Tabs
Room Record Tabs
Creating Sites and Rooms
5. Creating and Modifying Contacts
onCourse contact types
Adding a new contact from the list view
Adding a new contact in Quick Enrol
Modifying contact details
Setting up Email, Phone and Mail Preferences
Adding VET data to students
Student's enrolment and VET history
Contact's financial records
Contact document tab
Notes tab
Education tab
Relationships between contacts
Adding a relationship
Adding different types of relationships
Searching across relationship types
Using relationships in Quick Enrol
Finding contacts
Searching for related information
Merging contacts
6. Tutors
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Tutors
Tutor Record Tabs
Creating Tutors
Contacting tutors by email or SMS
Contacts and Attachments
To add an attachment to a contact
To open or view an attachment
7. Creating Courses
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Courses
The onCourse list view
The course cogwheel
Creating a new course
Editing and Updating Courses
Adding thumbnail images to /courses pages on your website
Writing course descriptions for the web
What does a good course description include?
What is SEO and why is it important?
Tips for writing SEO copy
VET Courses
Courses which are complete qualifications or skill sets
Partial qualifications
8. Creating Classes
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Working with Classes
Special Class Functions
Class Record Tabs
General tab
Tutor tab
Budget tab
Timetable tab
VET tab
Web tab
Notes tab
Enrolments tab
Attendance tab
Outcomes tab
Creating Classes
Adding RTO and VET data to class records
Publishing classes online
Working with classes that have enrolments
Marking Student and Tutor attendance
II. Enrolments
9. Processing Enrolments
Terms and Definitions
Working with Quick Enrol
Creating an enrolment with Quick Enrol
Simple enrolments
Discounting the enrolment fee
Adding a promotional code
Adding information to invoices
Adding a 3rd party payer
Enrolling multiple students in multiple classes
Enrolling a student in credit or debt
Quick Enrol payment options
Reviewing the invoice
Using a voucher for payment
Recording a cash payment
Recording a cheque payment
Recording an EFTPOS payment
Processing a credit card payment
Managing cancelled and failed credit card transactions
Processing payments after the enrolment process
Processing a Payment In
Sending invoices and confirmations
Adding additional AVETMISS and other reporting information to an enrolment
Fields to set at the enrolment level
Fields that can be overridden at the enrolment level
Fields that can be set at the outcome level
Fields that can be overridden at the outcome level
VET Fee Help fields in the enrolment
Enrolment Attachments
Quick Enrol FAQ
How do I manage an overpayment made by a student?
What do I do if I have recorded a payment (money) without any payment actually being made or I recorded the wrong amount?
How do I change part of an enrolment fee to a business, and part to a student?
How do I provide an student with a discount after they have already enrolled?
How do I check to see if a student has been enrolled?
What happens if a student doesn't meet the class age restrictions?
10. Cancellations, Transfers and Refunds
Cancelling a single enrolment
Outcome deletion on cancellation
Changing a cancellation fee
Cancelling an enrolment paid for by a voucher
Transferring an enrolment
Creating a manual credit note
Manual discounts after enrolment
Using the credited amount as credit towards another enrolment
Payment reversals within the payment in window
Refunding a student via Payment Out
A few notes on onCourse credit card reversals
Cancelling a Class
Scripts to automatically contact students and tutors when a class is cancelled
Reporting on cancelled classes
Student Transfer Questions
What if the value of the new enrolment is more expensive than the old class or less expensive?
Why can't I just edit the existing enrolment?
How can I fix a mistake I made where I charged the student the wrong amount or credited a credit note in error?
How can I use one contact's credit to pay for another student's enrolment?
11. Private Bookings and Custom Classes
Creating and Enrolling Students in a Custom Class
12. Enrolments by Application
An overview of applications and enrolments
Setting the course to Enrol by Application
Navigating the application window
Creating applications
Approving and rejecting applications
Applications on the web
Applying online
Enrolling after application approval
Application records in the portal
III. Marketing and sales
13. Tags and Tag Groups
Using Tags
Subjects Tag Group
Tags as Filtering Tool within onCourse Client
Tags on your onCourse Website
Tagging as it relates to the Website URL
Utilizing Tag Web Descriptions
A flexible way to add classification and structure to your data
Creating a filter in advanced search to make tagging more powerful.
Tagging and Untagging multiple records
14. Concessions and Memberships
What is a concession?
What is a membership?
Adding a concession to a student record
Creating a membership
Purchasing a membership
Redeeming a membership
Navigating the Memberships list window
Using find related to Purchased Memberships
Searching for students with concessions or memberships
15. Discounts
Introduction to discounts
Creating effective discount strategies
How to create a discount
Defining the discount value
Defining the eligible students
Defining the eligible classes
Linking a Corporate Pass to a discount
Overriding a discount at the class level
Example of how to create custom discounts for Smart and Skilled fees
Negative Discounts
Accessing discounts during enrolment
Accessing discounts through Quick Enrol
Accessing negative discounts through Quick Enrol
Accessing promotional code discounts in onCourse through Quick Enrol
Membership discounts during Quick Enrol
Manual discounts in Quick Enrol
Accessing discounts on the web
Promotional codes on the web
Membership discounts for online enrolments
Financial aspects of discounts
Discounts in the class budget
Accounts and discounts
Understanding GST and rounding in discounts
Example discount campaigns
Reporting on discount use
16. Mailing lists
Why use mailing lists
Creating a mailing list
Sending Emails and SMS Messages to Clients on your Mailing List
Student self subscriptions
Signing up to Mailing Lists via the Website
Managing your mailing lists via the Skills onCourse Student Portal
Unsubscribing from Mailing Lists via a Link within an email
Manually adding or removing students from a mailing list
Unsubscribing a contact from a mailing list
17. Waiting Lists
Enabling waiting lists
Student web subscription to waiting lists
Managing waiting lists within onCourse
Tagging Waiting Lists
Advising students on waiting lists that a class is available
Enrolling students on waiting lists
18. CorporatePass
When to Use a CorporatePass
Controlling Usage
Setting up your CorporatePass within onCourse
Linking a discount to a Corporate Pass
Linking products to Corporate Passes
Using Find related in the Corporate Pass list view
Using the Corporate Pass to Enrol Online
Using a Corporate Pass that is linked to a discount to enrol online with
Monitoring the Use of CorporatePasses within onCourse
19. Vouchers
onCourse Terms and Definitions
Creating a voucher type
Navigating around the Voucher Type window
Purchasing a voucher
Purchasing a voucher on the web
Redeeming a voucher
Redeeming a voucher in Quick Enrol when the 'Send the invoice when the voucher is redeemed to x' is checked.
Redeeming a voucher on the web
Navigating the Voucher list window
Cancelling a Voucher
20. Other products
Navigating around the Product window
Adding a new product
Settings tab
Corporate Passes tab
Relating a product to a course
Purchasing a product
21. Sales
Navigating the Sales list window
Cancelling Memberships
Cancelling Vouchers
Cancelling Products
Setting a products status to delivered
22. Sending messages
Selecting people to contact
From contact, tutor or student lists
From classes
From waiting lists
From mailing lists
Sending an integrated mail message
Understanding email messaging
Understanding SMS Messaging
Postal mail
Messages list view
Exporting contact details for other messaging tools
Messaging opt in and opt out
Message permissions and message history
Automatic messages in onCourse
IV. Record management
23. Document Management
Adding new documents
Attaching existing documents
Editing an existing document
Special documents
Access rights
24. Reporting
Using reports
Printing Reports in onCourse
Financial Reports
Course and class management reports
Marketing reports
Information for students
Information for tutors
Existing reports in onCourse
Budget Details
Budget Summary by Subject
Budget Summary by Class
Class Invoice Record
onCourse Banking Report
Payslip Report
Class Tutor List Report
Class Tutor Pay Schedule Report
Aged Debtors and Creditors Report
Debtors and Creditors as at Specified Date
Class Prepaid Fees Liability Report
Invoice Report
Corporate Pass List Report
Corporate Pass Detailed Report
Payment-in Report
Payment-out Report
Transaction Detail
Transaction Summary
Cash Movement Detail Report
Cash Movement Summary Report
Statement Report
Certificate Attendance
Student Academic Transcript Report
Class by Subject Report
Funding Hours Report
Class Hours Report
Sales Report
Sales by Course Location
Cancelled Classes Count Report
Discounts by Class
Classes Report
Courses Report
All Class Details
Student Special Needs
Class By Site
Rooms List
Room Timetable Report
Class Tutor List
Site List
Site Details
Tutor Details Report
Tutors List Report
State Based Enrolment Summary
Class Roll - Age
Class Roll - USI
Class Sign
Mailing List Export
Wait List Report
Total Discounts
Class Details Report
Course Details Report
Enrolment Confirmation Report
Class Information Report
Class Roll
Class Roll - Single Session
Simple Class Roll
Class Timetable Report
Class Timetable Planning Report
Class Contact Sheet
Student Contact List
Student Details
Class Roll Contact Number
Assessment Outcome Report
Qualifications Report
Certificate - Statement of Attainment
Certificate - Qualification
Academic Transcript
Training Packages Report
Traineeship Training Plan
Training Plan Report
Student Attendance Report
Trial Balance Report
Income Journal Projection Report
Income Summary Projection Report
Discount Take Up Report
Discount Take Up Summary Report
Enrolment Summary by Account Report
Enrolments and Income by Account Report
25. Creating custom reports
Getting started with custom reports
Exporting report templates from onCourse
Editing reports in JasperSoft Studio
Importing a report
The structure of a report
Report Properties
Data fields
SQL Reporting with a JDBC connector
Using an SQL client with onCourse to write queries
Setting DBeaver with the right JDBC to talk to onCourse
Creating SQL queries
26. Importing and exporting
Copying and pasting
From the list view
Direct access to the SQL database
Sending messages
Exporting to Adobe Indesign
Custom export templates
Exporting to MYOB
Generating the Export via the Financial Summary Extract Menu
Generating the Export via the Transaction Window
V. RTO Features
27. RTO Guide
Understanding how outcomes are attached to enrolments
Cancelling VET enrolments
Creating Class Training Plans
Setting and modifying outcomes
What are outcomes?
Importing and adding prior learning
CSWE courses, classes and outcomes
Setting up Certificate in Spoken and Written English (CSWE) courses
VET delivery hours
VET data in the class window
Courses by Cluster
Creating the Qualification
Creating the clusters
Enrolments and Payment
Traineeships and Custom Training
VET Qualifications and other Certificates
Step 1 - Creating the certificate record
Step 2 - Verifying the Certificate
Step 3 - Printing Certificates
Sending the Certificate to the student as a PDF
Exporting Certificate data
Non-VET Certificates of Attendance
28. Unique Student Identifier (USI)
What is the USI?
Requirements and limitations
The onCourse USI process
How onCourse automates the USI process
What you need to do enable the USI validation service in onCourse
Student self-service
Step 1: Personal Details
Step 2: AVETMISS questions
Step 3: USI
Capturing the USI in onCourse
Creating a USI for a student
Manual entry of a USI
Editing a locked student record
Certificate printing and the USI
29. AVETMISS Reporting
What do I have to lodge?
Training Organisation (NAT00010) file
Training Organisation Delivery Location (NAT00020) File
Program (NAT00030) File Subject (NAT00060) File
Client (NAT00080) File and Client Postal Details (NAT00085) File and Disability (NAT00090) File and Prior Educational Achievement (NAT00100) File
Enrolment (NAT00120) File
State Specific NAT000120 fields
Program Completed (NAT000130) File
Competency Completion Online System (CCOS)
Validation Rules and State Variations in AVETMISS Reporting
How to give your AVETMISS data to the people who want to pay you
Validating and correcting AVETMISS errors
Class Outcomes CSV
Extended Outcomes CSV (like NAT00030, NAT00060 & NAT00120)
Contact CSV Export (like NAT00080, NAT00085, NAT00090 & NAT00100)
Certificate CSV Export (like NAT00130)
Can I stop a class and all it's students being exported for AVETMISS?
How about a single enrolment, can't I stop that also?
How can I get my State Accredited Modules added to onCourse?
Where do I enter the State Funding Codes in onCourse for the state where I am reporting to?
How do I record a student's outcome who has completed a different elective from the rest of class?
How do I record information about a clients traineeship?
Why do some outcomes in the NAT000120 export with start and end dates of 00000000?
Why, in the AVETMISS export, do my non-VET courses have codes like ISH123?
How does prior learning affect AVETMISS reports?
30. RAPT - AVETMISS Reporting in Western Australia
RAPT Reporting
Exporting all training activity to RAPT
Exporting selected classes or enrolments to RAPT
Total VET Activity Reporting in WA
Client Qualifications Register (CQR) Reporting
Creating a VET FEE-HELP Class
Setting the Student's VET FEE-HELP eligibility
Student VET FEE-HELP Loan requests
Exporting VET FEE-HELP data
VI. Financial
32. Invoices and Payment Plans
Invoice Terms
Editing Invoices
Creating a manual invoice
Link invoice lines to class budgets
Duplicating Invoices
Payment plans
Invoice due dates
Class payment plan template
Quick Enrol
Online enrolments
Automating payment plans with scripts
Payment plan scheduled reminders
33. Budgets
Budget overview
Adding and Editing Budget Items
Budget as calculation tool
Tracking Discounts via the Budget tab
Linking manual invoices income to the class budget
34. Accounting
Relationship between the Student and the Debtor within onCourse
Principles of Accrual Accounting
Explanation of Financial Transactions Generated by the System
Financial Transactions generated by Enrolment and Payment Process
Financial Transactions Generated by Enrolment Cancellation Process
Vouchers and Financial Transactions
Contra Payment Types for Refunds
Deferred Income
How Deferred Incomes Works
What Happens If I have to Cancel or Add a Session to a Class?
What if I want all funds to be transferred at the commencement of the Class?
Creating additional income accounts
Accessing Financial Information from onCourse
Automated reporting from scripts
Locating data using related records
Printed Financial Reports
Copying info within list view windows to Excel
CSV Exports
Exporting to MYOB
Running Queries Directly from the Database
Banking and Reconciliation
Finalising periods
General Ledger Journals
FAQ: I want cash accounting
35. Tutor pay
Setting standard pay rates
Types of pay rates available in onCourse
Class budget with Tutor pay
Unavailability bookings
Confirming Attendance and exceptions
Generating Tutor pay
How to defer tutors pay to the next payrun
Tagging Payslips
Creating payroll through the class window
Payroll Questions and Answers
36. Accounting best practices
Periodic tasks
VII. Advanced topics
37. General Preferences
General Preferences Terms and Definitions
Setting your General Preferences
Class Defaults
Payment Types
Tax Types
Concession Types
Contact Relation Types
Custom Field Types
38. Advanced Setup and Configuration
Financial Setup
Finances and Accounting
Export templates
Email Templates and Scripts
Tutor Roles
Access Control (authorisation)
Setting up Active Directory (AD) authentication and authorisation.
AD Authorisation
Server configuration file
Using an external database
Server Memory Allocation
Help, Support and Log files
39. Email Templates
Email Templates
Editing an existing message template
Email headers and footers
Creating new templates
Writing Groovy in email templates
Sending a manual message using a template
Default templates
40. External Integrations
Integration Preferences
Cloud Assess
41. onCourse scripts and custom workflow
What can you do with scripts?
Script permissions
onCourse default scripts
Auto enabled default scripts
Disabled default scripts
Disabled Integration scripts
Script triggers
Time based events
Record change events
Editing script content
VIII. Installation and setup
42. Downloading and installing onCourse
System requirements
Network requirements
Database considerations
onCourse on Windows
onCourse on Mac OS X
Running onCourse
Installing onCourse Server on other platforms
Upgrading onCourse
What is an onCourse upgrade?
Backing up your onCourse datafile
Upgrading the onCourse datafile
Upgrading the onCourse clients
Can I downgrade my onCourse software?
Starting a new data file
Running multiple versions of the onCourse Server
Troubleshooting connection problems
43. Migrating to onCourse
DIY Migration options
Contact CSV import
AVETMISS 60, 80, 85 and 120
Custom Migration

List of Tables

8.1. Web availability rules
41.1. Examples

List of Examples

1.1. How to access the onCourse Cloud
2.1. How to cancel a class using the cogwheel
2.2. How to duplicate a class
2.3. How to use the cogwheel to contact tutors and students
2.4. How to create a certificate of attendance
4.1. How to set up a new site
4.2. How to set up a new Room
6.1. How to create a new tutor
7.1. How to create a new course
7.2. Creating a VET Course
7.3. How to "add" a unit of competency to a course
8.1. How to create a new class
8.2. How to create sessions
8.3. Setting the VET information for a class
9.1. How to process a payment in
10.1. How to cancel a single enrolment
10.2. How to reverse an invoice to create a credit note
10.3. How to create a manual credit note
10.4. How to refund a student
13.1. How to create a Filter using Advanced Search:
13.2. How to bulk tag
15.1. Creating a 10% discount for seniors card holders
15.2. How to create a marketing campaign with a promotional code
15.3. How to create a membership discount
15.4. How to create a private discount for your college staff
15.5. How to create a multi-purchase discount
19.1. Voucher Use Cases
26.1. Exporting Class Information
26.2. Exporting Invoice Information
27.1. How to create a class training plan
29.1. How to export date range AVETMISS data
29.2. How to export AVETMISS for one or more classes
29.3. How to export AVETMISS for one or more enrolments
33.1. How to create a Class budget
34.1. How to manually deposit banking
35.1. How to create Tutor pay rates
35.2. Assigning a Tutor and payrate to a class in one step
35.3. Editing a tutors wage after they have been added to the class
35.4. How to record a Tutor as being unavailable
35.5. Setting Tutor attendance for Tutor pay
35.6. Generating, editing and finalising Tutor pay
37.1. How to create a concession type