Student Portal

Included standard onCourse package, your student portal is a tool to provide additional information to your students post enrolment.

When a VET student enrols in onCourse for the first time, they are sent a special link to complete additional AVETMISS data questions, and supply and validate their USI in the portal.

A once off subscription to their class timetable via RSS feed means your students will have no excuse for forgetting when or where their class is held. If you make changes to their timetables, their calendar will update in real time.

Student course notes and assessment resources can be uploaded to the portal, along with certificates on the successful completion of their course.

For students on payment plans, they can access copies of their invoices and payment schedule, and make additional payments as needed if they happen to fall behind.

Tutor Portal

Before you advertise your classes online for enrolment, push all your trainer schedules to the web so they can confirm their availability to teach. Tutors can see in advance every class you have scheduled them for into the future.

Once classes are open for enrolments, tutors can check their portal at any time for the current enrolment numbers vs class minimums, reducing calls to your office to see if classes are likely to run as advertised.

When the training commences, tutors can mark their class rolls electronically, on their mobile phones as students walk into the room, identifying the students via their profile picture.

As assessments are completed, tutors can update the student training outcomes, triggering automatic certification to be issued.

Easy online access for students and staff

Employer Portal

Create company contacts in onCourse with corporatePass codes to allow direct enrolment into your programs at pre-negotiated rates, with invoices issued straight to HR for payment.

With custom relationship and contact permissions, you can allow your corporate contacts Employer access to the portal to see their entire staff training schedule at a glance. For each staff member they can confirm attendance, check outcomes and download copies of their certifications.

Employers can access copies of invoices and make credit payments via their portal.

Parent Portal

For colleges delivering training programs to younger people, classes can be configured to only allow enrolments for children over, under or within certain age brackets.

The online enrolment process allows for multiple children to be enrolled in multiple programs at once and automatically identifies all under 18 enrolments and collects parent emergency contact details.

Invoices are automatically issued to parents, payment plan payments can be made online, and parent portal access allows a single timetable view showing a combined calendar of events for all their children’s activities.

CRICOS Agent Portal

Where CRICOS Agents are engaged as enrolment brokers, and need visibility of student attendance and payment schedules, the Agent portal will allow them to see everything they need to know about their student progression.

With commission payments calculated on payments made directly to you from the student, or collected via re-reimbursement of payments made to the Agent through the portal, you and your Agents will have piece of mind knowing that everything is monitored and visible across the board.