onCourse in Action

Western Power is a state government owned corporation that delivers safe, reliable and affordable energy supply to the Western Australia community with an annual revenue of $1.8 billion and more than 3000 employees. Their training branch ensure all staff are trained to work safely at all times.

The problem

Western Power had no reliable systems to manage training courses for both staff and contractors, or report results to management.

Enrolment information, including class availability, wasn’t updated in a timely fashion, causing reporting errors.

Managers were often unaware of staff scheduled to go to training and this often left significant gaps in teams sceduled to complete works.

The solution

onCourse allowed trainees to login to a portal that displays their employer’s training expectations, and course availabilities were updated in real time.

Supervisors were also able to login to the skillsonCourse portal to view their employees’ training schedule and progress.

Historical data generated before the migration to onCourse was imported quickly and easily.

The result

The new training and reporting system was more efficient and less time-consuming. Managers always knew where their staff were and training is kepy up to date to ensure all staff are compliant.