Since the year 2000, ish have been providing student management software solutions to Australian and overseas colleges of all shapes and sizes, including meeting the recording, reporting and compliance requirements of Australian RTOs (Registered Training Organisations). Our rich and scalable technology solutions allow us to quickly deploy custom websites with real time online enrolment and applications, AVETMISS & USI compliant student and staff portals, and a CRM sales, marketing and data reporting tool with a multi user cloud or locally hosted backend driving the entire integrated stack.

Making useful systems requires creativity and a wide variety of skills; software development and technical analysis combined with a deep understanding of the realities of the training industry and compliance requirements are all essential. These are fundamental to producing a system that works in the real world. Programming itself is often the easiest part of the development process; creating an interface that is intuitive and a system that models the actual business needs are real challenges.

Our agile development process, allowing for feature refinement based on end user feedback, and a continuous deployment cycle see us offering new functionality to our exisiting clients on the rapid deployment plan every two months. End users who prefer a more staged deployment schedule have access to UAT testing environments for our stabilised public releases. A healthily engaged customer network allows us to prioritise functionality that will benefit our broad user base, as well as deliver custom development to those outside the standard box.

From enterprise clients to small private providers, the first step of our on boarding process relies on us evaluating at your needs in depth and understanding the outcomes you are seeking in the context of your business strategy. We listen to what you are telling us and then inject our own understanding of technology and business to suggest ways to achieve your goals. This is our major point of difference with most outsourced IT providers: we take an active role in design of your systems and aren’t just passive implementors of feature requests. Our support services and SLAs are second to none, with 95% of all user enquires responded to within the same business day, and technical services uptime reaching 99.99%. Our scalable solutions, both human and technical, and well documented processes, allow us to add to our team quickly and efficiently.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries, from theatre and the arts, community education and a range of small businesses, through to large corporate, university and government accounts. We have written custom software for education, print production, hospitality, recruitment and the entertainment industries. Our skills in marketing and customer relations management inform all our work: from web site design and user experience engagement, through to intranets which build a community within the employees of larger organisations, and our onCourse systems with a strong focus on marketing eduction to the general public and industry.

Our core abilities are not just technology based. We provide pro-bono work for the Australian Ballet’s friends organisation and the Newtown Entertainment Precinct, work closely with theatrical producers and venues, design print and web marketing materials, publish education and drama books both in Australian and overseas, and facilitate the branding and marketing and RTO compliance of educational organisations.

We are tight knit team with the experience and confidence to achieve our goals. Staff at ish are encouraged to contribute to open source projects: the not-for-profits of the IT world. We consume many of the benefits of open source in our products and give back through code and marketing contributions as well as funding whenever possible. The benefits are global and very satisfying.