Data in, data out, and a big tick from AVS. If only AVETMISS was a simple as that….onCourse makes it so.

We work hard so you don’t have to; to automatically expunge potential errors and simplify the complexity of reporting around the country.

Whether it’s total VET activity reports to NCVER or funded training lodgements to your local State Training Services, onCourse will comply.

As Nicole from Byron says:

Pretty excited to say that it was a completely stress free and extremely fast process to get our data off to STS - thanks so much for your help and again it only reinforces what a great choice we have made in taking in ish as our database friends :)

onCourse, now and always, is compliant with every state variation of AVETMISS.


At the end of the long hard slog of training and assessment comes graduation and certificate issuing. For some organisations where training has been a months long affair, Qualifications are lovingly printed and hand signed, ready to be issued with a handshake and a ceremony.

For RTOs delivering short courses, like First Aid certificates or RSA/RCG packages or Construction Induction training, formal certification via Statements of Attainment is no less important, but it is scaled up to be an every day event for hundreds of students.

Where ever you fit in the spectrum, Certificate issuing is made simple in onCourse with a variety of built in print templates and transcripts you can customise for your organisation. Certificate records can be automatically generated on successful course completion and issued via email, or printed and re-printed as necessary to deliver to your students in person.

Your customised certificate templates can be uploaded as PDF documents to allow for visually unique certificates to be produced for Statements of Attainment, Qualifications and Skill Set certificates. Automatically, transcripts accompany each certificate to include the student results for each unit.

Your onCourse certificate register implements validation at each point, to confirm that the all outcomes have been marked, students have meet the completion requirements of their course and that they have supplied you with a valid USI, before a certificate can be issued.

Attendance & Outcome Marking

Ever wish computers could do the leg work of compliance data collection for you? Well now they can, with the addition of some 3rd party data feeds, and possibly some human button clicking.

We start by feeding in all the Qualification, Skill Set and Unit of Competency data from training.gov.au for you to use to build your courses and ensure there are no typos in reporting data or missing pieces of the course or program puzzle.

For students who have enrolled elsewhere, or are undertaking online training via an external Learning Management System (LMS), integration and data imports into onCourse on a once off or scheduled service can add to their student outcome collection. LMS tools can report back completed training and assessment outcomes which automatically updates the student results in onCourse, or trainers can update this content via their onCourse web portal.

Session by session attendance marking marking is also handled by the online tutor portal. With student profile images as standard, a trainer can quickly look around the room and match faces to names while marking the roll on their smart phone.

If you’re dead set on using paper and pencil to record attendance marking and outcome achievement, onCourse also contains a range of print based reports for trainers, and then whole class group attendance or outcome results can be set quickly in the onCourse software by your admin staff, and variations like end date extensions or funding source changes can be adjusted at any time.

onCourse was built with compliance in mind from the very start.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

All students, all USIs, all of the time. Didn’t collect the USI on enrolment? Never fear, an onCourse script is here to automatically send the student a USI completion email request with their enrolment confirmation.

Student tardy in following up the process? Daily, weekly or other time period of your choice reminders can automatically email the student the link to help them create their USI, reminding them they can’t be issued with their Statement of Attainment or Qualification until they have done this.

Course finished and no USI supplied? The certificate issuing process will halt and alert you to students who need more follow up. And for the students who just can’t navigate the government portal themselves, we have tools to help you create a USI on their behalf.

I freaking love ish, says Jacinda from St George and Sutherland Community College, and we know we think we know why - all this automation has suddenly made her life a whole lot easier.

Built in system verification against your AusKey will confirm in real time that all USIs supplied by students are current and correct, so you’ve met your requirement to not only collect, but verify, all USIs.

VET Student Loans

Are you a private provider who offers government funded training loans so your students have opportunities to access vocational training and improve their chances of gaining employment?

As a private provider, do you spend many hours collecting data and jumping through HEPCAT shaped reporting hoops to advise HEIMS of your census dates and load liabilities?

Let us help you become less frustrated towards the many government reporting systems by simplifying the data collection and reporting requirements of VET Student Loans.


If student visa compliance and attendance management makes you lose sleep at night, then onCourse is the answer you’ve been dreaming of.

International student attendance monitoring, agent commission payments, student payment plans and automatic warning emails for missed classes are all available as standard, and all accessible in real time via tutor, student, parent and agent portals.

Make sure everyone knows where your international students are supposed to be… including the student. No more excuses for missed classes or student visa non-compliance.

ASQA audits

onCourse solves many of your compliance needs. So many aspects of onCourse contain evidence you’ll be wanting to show your auditors to show you meet the ASQA Standards for RTOs, including: