If you want more than our standard plans offer, we are here to help. ish

Account manager

Your own personal point of contact with the ish team, giving you access to developers, support engineers and the product manager of onCourse. You can receive regular SLA reports.

Marketing support

Analytics and marketing support, assisting you with copywriting, interpreting website analytics and helping you to achieve your optimal SEO.

3rd party product integration

Whether you require live reporting, daily emails with key figures or any other business intelligence from onCourse that will be exported to another system, our engineers are able to devise an automated process for your needs.

Managed hosting

Have the ish technical team look after your onCourse installation, backups, upgrades and ongoing maintenance in your data centre or ours.

Custom contract

Modification to the standard ish onCourse EULA and/or compliance with additional contractual obligations.

Custom feature development

When onCourse does not quite everything you need it to, we can build new or additional functionality to meet your specifications

MySql or Microsoft SQL options

Instead of the integrated Apache Derby database, you can choose an alternative database for your self-hosted onCourse. We've also supported Oracle in the past and can bring it back if there is demand again.

Access to source code

The Java source code to the onCourse client and server applications for your own peace of mind should something befall the ish team, or for your own code review and enhancement.


As many support contacts as you require, with response times as low as 2 hours.