With powerful data mining capabilities, onCourse can help you create micro-marketing campaigns crafted to your needs. All potential students can be captured through wait list and mailing list sign ups, with custom tags for grouping and follow up.

Convert those leads into sales through automated and highly directed email campaigns leading students to your integrated online eCommerce website and enticing them with promotional offers or discounts.

Find the right students in your database with flexible search options. Who works for an employer in an industry undergoing regulations change? Who lives within 15 minutes of your campus and might be willing to take up a last minute offer on a class starting tonight? And which students completed level one, but never continued on to level two?

Craft your pricing to target each market segment to a custom price point - reward your regular students and well as encouraging your reluctant buyers.

Custom communications

Build beautiful email templates and craft custom communications to your contacts. Email templates for automated communications and freehand messaging for ad-hoc correspondence is all part of onCourse as standard. In a matter of minutes, notify all students at a particular campus tonight of a special fund raising activity running this evening, or remind all your currently engaged casual tutors of an upcoming professional development opportunity.

All messages sent from the system are logged against the contact record in an auditable trail, so you can have complete confidence in how and when your students, tutors and other contacts are receiving emails, SMS or postal mail outs. Scheduled email reminders to pay invoices, turn up to class and the electronic issuing of tax invoices and certificates of completion are all scripted ready for you to set and forget. Take our standard templates and make them as chatty or as professional sounding as suits your business.

If you love the power and reporting flexibility of expert communication tools like MailChimp, take your messaging to the next level with database level integration to multiple mailing lists. Want to subscribe every student to a mailing list automatically on enrolment? Consider it done.

Email alerts

If you can imagine a rule that triggers a system based email, you can automate it. Out of the box, onCourse comes with a number of email templates and scripts ready to trigger the emails. All you need to do is decide which ones to turn on.

From reminder notifications, to marketing emails, automated certificate distribution and internal reports, automatic email alerts can be a simple or as complex as you want to make them.

Build yourself a set of HTML templates to auto respond to common customer requests and if you want to get a little fancier than that, you can make changes to the built in scripts or add your own set of automation rules.

Create micro-marketing campaigns crafted to your needs with onCourse


For alerts that are sure to be read, and just in time marketing opportunities, the built in SMS messaging tools in onCourse are just the trick to get information to your communities quickly.

Scheduled and automated reminders can be set to make sure tutors know what classes they are teaching each day and students don’t forget to bring vital equipment.

Custom messages sent to all the students who enrolled in a popular class last term, offering them a first chance for re-enrollment before you open the places to the public, can drive your sales strategy.

Contact relationships

Customisable contact relationships allows you to define connections between the companies, students, tutors and other contacts in your onCourse database.

Special relationship types built into the system, such as parent and child, allow you to enable the mandatory collection of emergency contact details for minors during the online enrolment process.

Optional portal view permissions allow you to group and define contacts who can see the enrolment records of their related contacts, for example, allowing agents to view their clients records, employers to view employees or parents to log in and see the study schedule for all their children in a single view.

Powerful ‘Find related’ options allow you to quickly locate all related contacts for targeted marketing campaigns to your business contacts who make purchasing decisions.


It’s one thing to deliver training year in year out, it’s another thing to know if your product is meeting your customers expectation and if they are willing to come back for more.

Keep on top of the mood in the moment by offering quick five star rating surveys to students completing classes. Catch the feedback as it’s fresh in their mind, and where they give you a great review, be sure to add the comments to your website copy.

For more in depth and detailed surveys, enable one of our standard integrations with SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo. Let their specialised tools assist you design, distribute and analyse the results of your student, tutor or employer feedback requirements.


Memberships in onCourse are another marketing tool available to you to sell your education products in a way that works for your business model. Memberships can be sold, or given away for free, and can include special benefits like access to membership only discounts. Memberships can expire after a period of time, or offer lifelong benefits.

Want to sell your fitness classes like the gym does? Offer a six or twelve month membership option that then allows the user access to all of your healthy living classes at no additional cost.

Corporate memberships for your loyal companies? Be sure to extend the membership benefits to their employees purchasing programs from you either via the company account our out of their own pocket. Any way you choose, onCourse can make it worthwhile for you to be a member of our club.


For a limited time only, discount your prices and encourage those impulse sales. You offer the ultimate perishable product - once a classroom based training program takes off, just like an airplane, those unfilled seats become unsellable. Use your micro-marketing strategies to offer just in time pricing to a limited few and see whose going to fight for those deeply discounted seats.

Alternatively, use promotional codes to encourage early bird sales, with a sliding pricing scale that increases the fee automatically the closer you get to take off. You choose what sort of behaviour you want to encourage - reward, cajole or restrict enrolments based on clever pricing ‘not so secret’ promotional codes you hope your customers will share on social media, and buy one get one free type promotions to encourage students to bring a friend.

When it comes to promotional codes in onCourse, the sky’s the limit!

Recommend products and up sell with onCourse

Product sales

Would you like fries with that? onCourse product sales allow you to up sell on the traditional online enrolment model, selling textbooks, material kits, overseas student health insurance policies or even the official college mug.

Attach recommended products to courses so your website visitors can quickly add all the enrolments and associated products they need to their shopping cart to purchase in a single transaction.

Our onCourse product suite also includes a range of membership and voucher products you can sell and redeem online, to access special member only benefits and pre-purchase discounted enrolment bundles.

Corporate sales

Selling enrolments to corporate contacts couldn’t be easier with the bulk enrolment and invoicing tools available in onCourse.

Contact relationships can be used to quickly add employers to invoices, or employees to the enrolment so you can book a dozen employees into a few different classes all in a single transaction.

Our unique CorporatePass feature allows you to pre-issue a code to your business contacts that they can share with their employees, allowing their staff to self enrol online with the invoice requesting payment processing directly to their nominated HR contact.

Conversely, a bulk buy voucher sale allows you to offer special pre-paid places, which can be taken up as needed through the redemption of the voucher code during enrolment.

Mail merge

When only postal messaging will do, the onCourse messaging system will assemble a mail merge data file for you to send to your brochure distributer or embed inside your own mail addressing system.

And if you want to send a combination of messages to your customers, the clever messaging tools inside onCourse will allow you export postal details for everyone selected OR to choose just to mail to your contacts who have chosen not to supply an email address or accept email based marketing.

User controlled preferences allow your contacts to select which methods of communication are their preferred marketing channels. Marking ‘return to sender’ addresses as undeliverable help you avoid expensive postal bounces and encourage you to collect updated contact details the next time you engage with the contact.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are built right into the onCourse software so you can allow users to self subscribe on the web, subscribe users by conducting searches of their enrolment history or auto subscribe users during certain actions, like after they enrol online.

Unsubscribe options can be embedded in the footer of your marketing emails and students can manage their subscription options through their skillsOnCourse portal.

The onCourse mailing lists can then be used to send email communications straight out of the software, or if you prefer to, integrate with specialist products like MailChimp with an API that sends all onCourse mailing list subscriptions through to your various MailChimp lists, ready for you to craft gorgeous campaigns, and monitor and track them via their advanced and specialised tool sets.

Waiting lists

What happens to a contact who visits your website who is interested in what you have to offer but isn’t ready to commit to the enrolment process? By enabling waiting lists on some or all of your courses, you have a ready made way to capture a list of potential students while your enrolling others.

Best of all, when you have no classes scheduled for a course just now, maybe because it’s a new program and you’re trying to garner interest or you run a demand driven program, there is a way for all those interested parties to sign up and say they’d love to give it a go.

Use the automated email reminders to schedule regular contact to your wait list contacts so they know you haven’t forgotten about them - telling them about classes that are coming up they’re on the wait list for, and perhaps even suggesting other programs that might be up their alley.

For some of your more long term or prestigious programs, enrolment by application may be just the ticket. Halfway between a wait list request and the commitment of an enrolment, you can collect information and assess a student’s suitability before you offer them a position in the class or reject them as not meeting the criteria. If an applicant doesn’t accept the enrolment within a designated time frame, you may choose to expire the offer and move on down the line to the next most suitable candidate.