Implement marketing campaigns

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for their marketing. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. onCourse gives you endless opportunities to target each student’s individual needs but automate them at scale, from SEO to abandoned carts, student re-engagement, surveys, powerful search, automated reminders and upselling. Discounts, vouchers, gift certificates and payment plans give you whole new ways to offer buyer choice. Integrations for MailChimp, SurveyMonkey and Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) are built right in, so you’ll have endless ways to stay connected with your customers while your data is kept perfectly in sync.

Contact Management

Effortlessly manage your contacts

onCourse smoothly organises all of your contacts into one central hub, with powerful marketing and contact management capabilities that helps you stay engaged across the customer journey.

Track leads

Convert leads into sales

Track leads at every touch point with our online tools. You can watch inquiries progress from expressions of interest on your website, to quotes and sales. Complete with your own custom questions, you can script automated workflows and reporting - it’s all up to you.

Batch Email Sending

Send thousands of emails with just one click

The email sending software that’s easy to use, highly efficient, and gets the job done. onCourse software allows you to send emails in bulk to students, tutors and other contacts. Send emails to students of a specific class or subject area, email all your teaching staff, or send a campaign to every student in your database. You can send up to 100,000 emails in a single batch. Use the powerful automation capabilities of onCourse to schedule and distribute emails automatically.

send message

Batch SMS Sending

Send SMS text messages to groups

Batch SMS sending is more than just a time-saving tool, it’s also an incredibly efficient way of reaching out to groups. The same bulk sending features you’ll enjoy for email sending is available to send SMS text messages. Send an urgent message to an entire class, or send SMS marketing campaigns across your customer base.

The same bulk sending features you'll enjoy for email sending are available to send SMS text messages.


Stay organised with tags

Tagging is the new name for organisation. Attach tags to just about anything in onCourse to help you label, organise, sort and filter data. You can even arrange tags in a hierarchy to group your data logically. Use tags to help create segments of your audience and automatically push customer segments to email marketing software, like MailChimp.


Promotional Codes

Boost your marketing with promotional codes

If you’re looking for another great way to boost your marketing efforts, it’s time to start handing out promotional codes. Use promotional codes for one-off special offers, early-bird discounts or incentives to specific organisations or groups. You can create open-ended or limited expiration codes with attractive messages that will resonate with your audience.

discounts promo


Offer discounts of virtually any kind

onCourse software enables discounted pricing for students on virtually any offer, product or service - the sky’s the limit! Easily set discounts by by percentage or amount, set a specific price, limit maximum discounts, set date ranges or require promotional codes for redemption. Offer discounts to students by age, postcode, last enrolment date, purchase value, enrolment count or membership. You can even use negative discounts to charge a fee, such as a surcharge. All discounts are completely integrated with onCourse Website, so students can benefit from your discount strategies whether they enrol online, in person or by phone.

Payment Plans

Buy now, pay later

Boost your sales by allowing students to buy now and pay later. Take an initial deposit, or accept enrolment with no upfront fees - the choice is yours. Specify any number of instalments and due dates to build a payment plan that suits both you and your students.

create payment plan


Gain valuable insights

I’ll bet you didn’t know that finding out what your students think is as easy as 1-2-3. Whether it’s end of course evaluations or midcourse feedback, onCourse has your back, delivering surveys wherever and whenever you need them: at enrolment, at course completion, midway through a course, at course commencement or on-demand. Review student feedback the instant it is received and publish the best reviews to your website with the click of a button. onCourse also integrates with popular survey tools, like SurveyMonkey and Alchemer (formally SurveyGizmo), so you can create and publish advanced online surveys within minutes.

portal feedback

Waiting Lists

Collect expressions of interest

Are your students waiting to see when the next class is scheduled? Wouldn’t it be great if they could be notified, even though there may not be a date set yet? That’s where waiting lists come in. Students can register interest in courses that are unavailable and be notified right away once new dates are arranged.

Powerful search capability

Finally, an advanced search engine for all your needs. With onCourse’s Advanced Search you’ll find every contact that matches every parameter you specify. With advanced query language built in to onCourse, you can construct complex search queries to give you exactly the data you need. Use the advanced search capabilities of onCourse to target your ideal contacts and build custom lists for your marketing strategy.

Shared custom searches

Save your common search queries

Keep your most-used searches under one roof. Got a search query you use frequently? Save a custom search either for personal use, or make it available to everyone in your organisation. Saving the most commonly used search queries to give everyone instant access to the data you use most often.

Google Maps

Find the way from anywhere

Our Google Maps integration takes the headache out of finding your way and means everyone knows exactly where to go for their next class, every time. Get directions on a mobile device from any location, whether travelling by car, public transport, foot or cycle.

Point your students in the right direction with Google Maps integration with all your sites


Seamlessly connect with the tools you already use

onCourse integrates with all of the most popular marketing software so you can enjoy the benefits of more effective student management in onCourse while retaining your investment in existing applications. Connect onCourse with MailChimp, Alchemer (formerly SurveryGizmo), SurveyMonkey, AddThis, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and shared calendars, or contact us for a custom integration.

Access Control

Control access to your data

Protecting the privacy of your business data with onCourse means never having to wonder who can see what and where. Easily set permissions by assigning different roles, such as Manager or Employee, and control which parts of your information those people can view. With full audit history, you’ll know changes made to any part of the system. You’ll no longer have to worry about who has the right information or the ability to make changes.