Create beautiful websites

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for their website. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. The best course websites are all driven by onCourse. Start with one of our modern, responsive templates, then customise anything to suit your requirements. With an advanced architecture built to maximise SEO, exceptional faceted search engine and an enrolment-ready shopping cart, you’ll be processing sales within minutes of making your website live.

Integrated Website

Need a website? It's built right in to onCourse

Your onCourse Website is an integral part of the onCourse software. Served from a high-performance secure data centre, onCourse websites are light years ahead of any other student management system or online ecommerce solution available. Use onCourse for a sophisticated online presence with compliance and student management built in.

cce site home

Customisable HTML

Design your website, your way

With completely customisable HTML, you can take control and develop your website your way - the possible designs are virtually limitless. onCourse Website uses clean, semantic HTML that search engines love. And with direct access to your website HTML, you can add customisations to align with your SEO strategy and provide additional content for users.

Responsive Design

Websites that look great on every device

onCourse Website uses latest design philosophy with a seamless user experience on any device. Designed to work on devices of every size, from wide-screen displays to tablets and mobile phones, everything on your website will resize and reposition for optimal viewing, no matter what device is being used. And with special performance optimisations for mobile devices, your website will respond quickly even on slower connections.


Sell courses online

onCourse ecommerce is the ultimate tool. If you’re an administrator who needs to manage your organisation online, then this is a great way to do it. onCourse offers everything you need, and it’s all built in: your shopping carts and purchase process are right there as part of your website - accept credit or debit card cards securely, including for recurring payments - and money goes directly into our merchant facility and available to you within one business day!

Enrolment by Application

Easy enrolment to fit your application process

As well as instantly enrolling students, you can also make any enrolment subject to application. Optionally accept any payment upfront and defer approval subject your own internal application processes.

Real-time Enrolment

Track enrolments in real-time

Enrolments are processed in real-time in onCourse so there’s always accurate enrolment availability right when you need it. When someone enrols, they’re automatically confirmed and invoiced by our platform and we’ll send an email notification too! You’ll always know when someone enrols and have accurate enrolment availability whether the enrolment takes place online, by phone or in-person.


Flexible Products

Sell courses, products, vouchers and memberships

onCourse Website is one of the easiest ways to get customers loyal to your brand. Set up virtually any kind of product, issue gift vouchers or offer memberships using onCourse software. Sell products to supplement student learning, such as textbooks or audio, issue gift vouchers for special occasions or offer a membership to your high-value customers that provides a special discount on enrolment - give customers the flexibility to buy what they need when they want it.

Products can be sold in number of units for sales completed both within onCourse and via the website.

Custom Fields

Collect information from students

Custom fields mean you’ll always get the information you need upfront and never have to go back for more. Get all of your enrolment essentials collected in one registration - from contact information to payment settings, so that when it’s time for finalising an enrolment, nothing important is left out. Fully tailor to suit your needs by creating custom fields to collect different types of information upfront without having to go back to students with additional questions.

Checkout Cart

Advanced checkout for complex enrolments

The advanced checkout cart in onCourse Website is a flexible solution for the most challenging enrolment scenarios. Enrol one student or many by tailoring choice for students, payers, organisations, discount and voucher redemption, and collection of parent/guardian information. With the ability to handle complex scenarios with ease, onCourse Website gives you flexibility that can’t be matched.

cart web

PCI-DSS Compliance

Compliance with PCI Security Council Standards

PCI-DSS is the authoritative source for payment card industry-accepted security standards. PCI-DSS protects cardholder data in every transaction at all points of authorisation, processing and transmission. Our payment systems follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) for secure environments to accept, process, store or transmit credit card information.

Password-free Enrolment

Fast enrolment for existing students

The last thing students need is to remember is yet another password - they have enough to remember as it is. So our password-free enrolment process means existing students can enrol online quickly without having to remember their login details. Say goodbye to forgetting usernames and passwords because this enrolment process doesn’t need them!

Payment Plans

Buy now, pay later

Boost your sales by allowing students to buy now and pay later. Take an initial deposit, or accept enrolment with no upfront fees - the choice is yours. Specify any number of instalments and due dates to build a payment plan that suits both you and your students.

create payment plan

Website synchronisation

Automatically publish content

Forget about needing to update your website with new classes or changes. Courses, classes, sites, rooms and tutor information are all updated in the background without needing to do a thing. Managing your website is painless because everything syncs automatically and stays up-to-date.

Search Engine

Search on almost anything

For the uninitiated, our search engine lets you find exactly what you’re looking for with just a few clicks. Users can search by keyword, time of day, day of week, find tutors, search by course text or titles. And with faceted search, users can combine multiple search terms to narrow down their search results and find exactly what they’re looking for - fast!


Content Delivery Network

Blazing fast speeds, from everywhere

Fast and secure, even in the most remote locations. That’s what onCourse delivers. Powered by Amazon Web Services, the world’s most popular and reputable cloud services provider, your onCourse Website is distributed across a global network so users experience superior performance and responsiveness, no matter where they are.


SEO built right in, Get a head start with essential SEO

onCourse understands the ins and outs of Google Search. With schema to support Google Rich Results, semantic markup, and other techniques built right in, onCourse is always working hard for you! Sitemaps are generated automatically, canonical links direct traffic to the important pages, and short persistent URLs all allow you to build up your SEO ranking over time. Trust your SEO strategy with onCourse today!

Content Management

Simple website management

Manage your website and watch it update as you edit without ever needing to touch a line of code. Developed as the premium site management product for educators, onCourse is geared towards those with no development experience or interest in coding, but want total control over their content regardless. Whether adding images from the student management system or changing a course outline - you can do it all here.

Content is driven directly from the student management system - update your courses and watch them appear instantly on your website


Preview website changes before going live

What good is a website if it won’t let you make changes and preview them first? This is where our awesome onCourse Website content management system comes in. You can edit anything you want including any text, images or layouts as much as you like and then preview all those changes to see what they will look like before pushing the edits live. Isn’t that awesome?

editor publish

Multiple Website Support

Serve multiple websites and brands

Powerful filtering capabilities in onCourse means you can serve multiple websites with completely different brands and designs, all from a single onCourse instance. Create different websites to focus on specific business opportunities and customise content to suit every audience. You can even offer the same course across multiple websites while managing them as a single entity in the onCourse software - there’s no need for multiple systems because onCourse does it all.

SSL/TLS Certificate

Robust web application security built in

The SSL/TLS Certificate is your assurance to customers that their data will stay safe and secure. Get a free SSL/TLS certificate included with your onCourse instance so you can rest assured your web application communications are secure and your customer data protected.


Gain valuable insights

I’ll bet you didn’t know that finding out what your students think is as easy as 1-2-3. Whether it’s end of course evaluations or midcourse feedback, onCourse has your back, delivering surveys wherever and whenever you need them: at enrolment, at course completion, midway through a course, at course commencement or on-demand. Review student feedback the instant it is received and publish the best reviews to your website with the click of a button. onCourse also integrates with popular survey tools, like SurveyMonkey and Alchemer (formally SurveyGizmo), so you can create and publish advanced online surveys within minutes.

portal feedback

Promotional Codes

Boost your marketing with promotional codes

If you’re looking for another great way to boost your marketing efforts, it’s time to start handing out promotional codes. Use promotional codes for one-off special offers, early-bird discounts or incentives to specific organisations or groups. You can create open-ended or limited expiration codes with attractive messages that will resonate with your audience.

discounts promo


Offer discounts of virtually any kind

onCourse software enables discounted pricing for students on virtually any offer, product or service - the sky’s the limit! Easily set discounts by by percentage or amount, set a specific price, limit maximum discounts, set date ranges or require promotional codes for redemption. Offer discounts to students by age, postcode, last enrolment date, purchase value, enrolment count or membership. You can even use negative discounts to charge a fee, such as a surcharge. All discounts are completely integrated with onCourse Website, so students can benefit from your discount strategies whether they enrol online, in person or by phone.

Tutor Portal

Support tutors online

Tutors love our portal because it makes managing courses easy. View training schedules, review courses before publication, synchronise training schedules to a mobile phone, mark rolls (including partial attendance), mark VET outcomes, update contact details, confirm availability, monitor enrolment numbers, get directions to training rooms and view training & assessment resources. Get ready to teach with all the tools and information at your fingertips.

Student Portal

Self-service student management

This is an essential tool for students - an all-in-one website that helps keep them organised and motivated. Find all the information they need in one place. View training schedules, synchronise schedules to a mobile phone, make payments, update contact details, get directions to training rooms, view training & assessment resources, review USI status, download certificates, view payment history, view enrolment history and check units/modules awarded. But this isn’t all - if you’re an organisation who has staff attending a training courses, you can also see their progress and record keeping!

portal timetable

Google Analytics

Gain deep insights into website performance

Google Analytics integration with our ecommerce engine allows you to track any event, on every page of your onCourse website, from the beginning of a shopping process to the final conversion. Track events at every step of the enrolment process to provide a deep understanding of traffic flows through your onCourse Website it doesn’t get more comprehensive than this!

Google Maps

Find the way from anywhere

Our Google Maps integration takes the headache out of finding your way and means everyone knows exactly where to go for their next class, every time. Get directions on a mobile device from any location, whether travelling by car, public transport, foot or cycle.

Point your students in the right direction with Google Maps integration with all your sites


Share on social media

Make it easier and faster for your website visitors to share your content with AddThis. All you need is an account and within seconds all of your web pages will be transformed with beautifully-designed social media sharing tools ready to go!


Automatically generated sitemaps

We take the hassle out of sitemap creation, so you can get back to your core business. Search engines like Google use sitemaps to more intelligently crawl your site. With an onCourse Sitemap, search engines will know everything about the structure of your site and which pages are most important. onCourse automatically updates your sitemap so search engines always know when its time to visit your website and collect recent updates.

Meta Descriptions

Display snippets in search results

Visually, the first thing people see in a search result is your meta description. So make it count. Snippets of your course outline are automnatically used as meta descriptions, so results in search engines always contain relevant information for each course. Write an enticing introduction in your course outline and it’s automatically created as metadata. Meta descriptions can help improve your click-through rate from search results - and improved click-through rates mean better SEO for your website.

URL Architecture

Short, clean URLs that don't change

Our URL architecture is clean, reliable, and friendly to search engines. URLs for courses remain the same regardless of how many classes you schedule, so you can grow SEO value from increased page rank over time and inbound links don’t break.

onCourse uses a clean URL architecture that search engines love.

CSS & JS Minification

Minify stylesheets and scripts automatically

onCourse Website takes care of making sure your stylesheets and scripts are optimised for SEO. Automatic minification of CSS and JavaScript removes unnecessary characters from your code while keeping your original human-readable version intact. Minification helps improve your website page speed which is a critical measure for SEO performance.

Document Management

Effortlessly manage all your documents

When it comes to managing all of your business documents, you need a system that’s secure and easy to use. onCourse delivers. Attach any document to virtually any object in Oncourse. Version control makes compliance simple - if you ever lose an important piece of data, retrace your actions with greater precision than ever before through our document history function.

onCourse provides an effortless way to manage your documents. Attach a document to virtually anything in onCourse.

Access Control

Control access to your data

Protecting the privacy of your business data with onCourse means never having to wonder who can see what and where. Easily set permissions by assigning different roles, such as Manager or Employee, and control which parts of your information those people can view. With full audit history, you’ll know changes made to any part of the system. You’ll no longer have to worry about who has the right information or the ability to make changes.