onCourse web

Your onCourse website is an integral part of the software. Served from a high performance secure data centre, even when you host the onCourse software yourself, the website is light years ahead of any other student management online ecommerce web system available. Use onCourse when you want a sophisticated online presence coupled to compliance and student management; use our competitors when you want RTO reporting and nothing more.

Drive sales with an onCourse website

eCommerce Engine

Because onCourse is one unified system, your shopping basket and checkout process is right there as part of your website. Students are never redirected to some other payment gateway or forced to use an ugly embedded frame.

They are also not required to remember a password to enrol, and we put as many complicated enrolment questions to after we have their deposit or application.

Money goes directly into your merchant facility and is available to you the next business day.

Website Content Management (CMS)

We use a modern technology stack to allow you to modify your site right down to the html. SASS, javascript minification and other tools to make your web developers happy are an integral part of the process. Content is driven right from the student management system: update your classes and watch them appear immediately on your website.

Responsive Design

It’s 2021 so of course everyone is on their phone. Or tablet. Or tablet phone. Support for all modern browsing devices with small screens is so essential we do all our design mobile-first. This is more than making the design small; optimising the user experience (UX) is crucial.

Track purchases & money against traffic sources

Google Analytics

Deep integration with our ecommerce engine means that your analytics shows purchases and money (rather than just page views) mapped against traffic sources. You’ll see what people are buying and where they come from, in real time. Pay your staff with dollars rather than likes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All this would be for nothing if you didn’t get traffic to your site. We use microformats (schema.org), semantic markup and other techniques to make sure Google deeply understands your content. Sitemaps are generated automatically, canonical links direct traffic to the important pages and short persistent URLs allow you to build up your SEO ranking over time.