Automate just about anything

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for education automation. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. onCourse includes a powerful scripting engine that allows you to automate just about any process. Send automated emails or SMS messages, update records, integrate with third-party tools such as analytics or email marketing, export data to finance systems or your LMS. Scripts turn your student management system into a completely customisable tool with your business workflows built right in.

Powerful Scripting

Customisable scripts to perform any task

onCourse automation is powered by a Groovy-based scripting language. With the full power and expression of this robust coding language, you’ll be able to access every part of onCourse and automate virtually anything.

onCourse automation is powered by a Groovy-based scripting language. Use the full power and expression of the Groovy language to access every part of onCourse and automate virtually anything.


Trigger automations for any event

Set an automation to trigger based on any event that occurs in onCourse. Send an email following enrolment, or a survey at course completion, send an SMS reminder for an upcoming course or add students to your marketing list in MailChimp. The options are virtually limitless.


Schedule automations at regular intervals

onCourse software includes comprehensive time-based scheduling of automations. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports, issue a gift voucher to students on their birthday or run a compliance check on the first Thursday of every month. With flexible scheduling options in onCourse software, you can run an automation using any schedule you please.

onCourse software includes comprehensive time-based scheduling of automations, giving you flexible scheduling options around things like when to send certain notifications or run certain reports.


Script and schedule imports from external systems

You might not realise it, but you probably don’t do a lot of time-consuming data entry yourself. Luckily, onCourse scripting can take care of all that heavy lifting for you from now on. onCourse scripting means you can automate the import of data from external systems and schedule it to occur at any interval you please, saving you precious time and eliminating error. For even more powerful capability, check out our pre-built integrations for onCourse or ask us about building a custom integration.

Built-in Reports

Customisable reports and exports

onCourse gives you the reports and data exports to keep track of what’s most important. Add a custom background to PDF reports to match your brand and include your organisation’s logo. Use any report as is, or copy and modify it to suit your needs. Or use the powerful automation capabilities of onCourse to schedule and distribute reports automatically. With our pre-built reports, custom PDF backgrounds and powerful automation features, there are countless ways to use onCourse for your organisational needs.


Seamlessly connect with the tools you already use

onCourse integrates with all of the most popular software so you can enjoy the benefits of more effective student management in onCourse while retaining your investment in existing applications. Connect onCourse with Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, Moodle, LearnDash, TalentLMS, Coassemble and CloudAssess, VET Student Loans, Service NSW voucher redemption, MailChimp, Alchemer (formerly SurveryGizmo) and SurveyMonkey, or contact us for a custom integration.