Manage assessments

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for student assessments. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. onCourse software has everything you need to manage student assessments effectively and maintain compliance.

Training Plans

Create training plans based on your schedule

If a course is linked to units of competency, you can use class attendance to create a training plan. Assign units to course delivery dates and mark student outcomes to complete your student training plan.

class training plan

Assign Assessments

Assign assessments online

The last thing educators need is more homework. Lucky for you, the onCourse team designed assessments to take all of that work off your hands. The student-facing interface makes it easy for students to submit their work as the deadline approaches. You can reuse all your materials from previous classes or create new ones. Take the stress out of assigning and monitoring assessments so that your students get timely feedback.

Schedule Assessments

Set assignment tasks in advance

It’s a never-ending cycle. As soon as one assessment takes off, it’s time to plan the next! Wouldn’t you love just a little breathing room? We have that for you - with planned assessments within onCourse’s powerful management tools, set your due dates and releases in advance to help you plan and stay ahead.

Manage your time more effectively by planning your entire assessment schedule within onCourse and set pre-defined release dates.

Submit Assessments

Online assessment submission

Want to receive student submissions the smart way? With online student submission in onCourse, students can submit assessments online while you keep track of all their entries without hassle thanks to our strong oversight system that flags any submissions coming late.

Assessment Marking

Grade assessments online

With assessment submissions built into onCourse, you automatically have a comprehensive view of all student assessments. Teaching staff can mark submissions online directly within onCourse - keeping everything synced up in real-time so there is nowhere else to go but forward with this groundbreaking application! Flexible custom grading types allow you the choice to set up virtually any grading scheme.

assessment submission class

Document Management

Effortlessly manage all your documents

When it comes to managing all of your business documents, you need a system that’s secure and easy to use. onCourse delivers. Attach any document to virtually any object in Oncourse. Version control makes compliance simple - if you ever lose an important piece of data, retrace your actions with greater precision than ever before through our document history function.

onCourse provides an effortless way to manage your documents. Attach a document to virtually anything in onCourse.

Version control

Track every change to every document

onCourse goes the extra mile to ensure that you never jeopardise compliance. With document version control built in, compliance couldn’t be easier. Need to see a previous version of a document? onCourse automatically maintains a full history of every change to every document, so you’ll never lose a thing.


Add notes for clarity

You can add notes to just about anything in onCourse and they’re automatically timestamped and tagged with the name of the user, with a full audit history maintained. Notes have all the information you need in one place, and we make sure they’re easy to find when you need them!