Manage your finances

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse to manage their finance. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. Financial management is at the core of onCourse software with fully-integrated budgeting, a complete general ledger, built-in ecommerce and payment gateway, banking, reconciliation, integrations with popular financial software and a host of tools and reporting to make managing your finances easy.


Real-time budgeting

With onCourse software, you can finally make your budget work for you. Comprehensive budgeting capability is at the core, whether you’re budgeting for an individual course or your entire organisation. Set a sales target and watch the software do all the heavy lifting, automatically adding new revenue as it is received. Assign teaching staff to a course and watch your payroll costs automatically appear in the budget, even with the most complex payroll rules. Add any income or cost line item you can imagine and keep track of your performance with the enhanced reporting capabilities of onCourse.

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Banking and Reconciliation

Manage finance across multiple office locations

If your business operates from multiple locations, you’ve been trying to manage banking and reconciliation for every site. But there’s an easier way! Regardless of how many locations you have, onCourse software makes managing your finances simple. With built-in support for multiple sites, you can independently manage banking and reconciliation for each office you operate. onCourse includes powerful tools to reconcile every financial transaction, fast.

General Ledger

Financial management at the core

Our general ledger has you covered. That’s because we understand the importance of customising and integrating your finance and data to make sure you can keep a close eye on all aspects of running your business. With a trial balance built right in, it’s easy for you to stay on top of everything. Create accounts, customise account codes and integrate with your favourite finance software.


Seamlessly connect with the tools you already use

onCourse integrates with all of the most popular finance software so you can enjoy the benefits of more effective student management in onCourse while retaining your investment in existing applications. Connect onCourse with Xero, MYOB, VET Student Loans and Service NSW voucher redemption, or contact us for a custom integration.

Prepaid Fee Amortisation

Recognise revenue inline with course delivery

When you make course fees upfront, but deliver courses over time, it can be difficult to know when they’re actually earned. It’s why onCourse includes prepaid fee amortised tracking so that your revenues are aligned with course delivery dates - not just enrolment date.

Payment Card Processing

Real-time credit card processing

Our payment processing service takes all the hassle out of accepting payments in the office or online. Get instant payment card processing through the onCourse software or on your onCourse Website, with funds deposited direct to your bank account the next business day. If you need to process a refund, onCourse automatically handles refund transactions and doesn’t need any card info again!

Payment Plans

Buy now, pay later

Boost your sales by allowing students to buy now and pay later. Take an initial deposit, or accept enrolment with no upfront fees - the choice is yours. Specify any number of instalments and due dates to build a payment plan that suits both you and your students.

create payment plan

Invoices and Credit Notes

Automate financial communications

onCourse software includes seamless communication for every financial transaction. Issue invoices, accept payments or refund transactions while onCourse automatically emails invoices, payment receipts and credit notes transparently in the background, keeping your students fully informed.

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Corporate Pass

Defer payment for pre-approved employers

Corporate Pass is a new way for pre-approved organisations to enrol students without having to worry about payment. Approve individuals at your client organisations, such as Human Resource Managers, to enrol their staff without payment upfront payment. An invoice is automatically sent to their accounts department for payment based on your agreed terms.

Payment Reminders

Automate payment reminders

Easily remind clients that they owe you money with a personalised reminder email. You decide when and how often the reminders are sent based on your preferences using onCourse Automation.


Add notes for clarity

You can add notes to just about anything in onCourse and they’re automatically timestamped and tagged with the name of the user, with a full audit history maintained. Notes have all the information you need in one place, and we make sure they’re easy to find when you need them!

Shared custom searches

Save your common search queries

Keep your most-used searches under one roof. Got a search query you use frequently? Save a custom search either for personal use, or make it available to everyone in your organisation. Saving the most commonly used search queries to give everyone instant access to the data you use most often.


Sell courses online

onCourse ecommerce is the ultimate tool. If you’re an administrator who needs to manage your organisation online, then this is a great way to do it. onCourse offers everything you need, and it’s all built in: your shopping carts and purchase process are right there as part of your website - accept credit or debit card cards securely, including for recurring payments - and money goes directly into our merchant facility and available to you within one business day!

Flexible Products

Sell courses, products, vouchers and memberships

onCourse Website is one of the easiest ways to get customers loyal to your brand. Set up virtually any kind of product, issue gift vouchers or offer memberships using onCourse software. Sell products to supplement student learning, such as textbooks or audio, issue gift vouchers for special occasions or offer a membership to your high-value customers that provides a special discount on enrolment - give customers the flexibility to buy what they need when they want it.

Products can be sold in number of units for sales completed both within onCourse and via the website.

Built-in Reports

Customisable reports and exports

onCourse gives you the reports and data exports to keep track of what’s most important. Add a custom background to PDF reports to match your brand and include your organisation’s logo. Use any report as is, or copy and modify it to suit your needs. Or use the powerful automation capabilities of onCourse to schedule and distribute reports automatically. With our pre-built reports, custom PDF backgrounds and powerful automation features, there are countless ways to use onCourse for your organisational needs.

Unlimited Scripts and Data

No limits on scripts, reports, imports or exports

Do you despise the restrictions and limitations of your current technology solution? We get it, which is why we let you create unlimited scripts and data. Write as many custom scripts as you want, create unlimited custom reports, import and export as much data as you want - there’s no limits.

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Access Control

Control access to your data

Protecting the privacy of your business data with onCourse means never having to wonder who can see what and where. Easily set permissions by assigning different roles, such as Manager or Employee, and control which parts of your information those people can view. With full audit history, you’ll know changes made to any part of the system. You’ll no longer have to worry about who has the right information or the ability to make changes.

Student Portal

Self-service student management

This is an essential tool for students - an all-in-one website that helps keep them organised and motivated. Find all the information they need in one place. View training schedules, synchronise schedules to a mobile phone, make payments, update contact details, get directions to training rooms, view training & assessment resources, review USI status, download certificates, view payment history, view enrolment history and check units/modules awarded. But this isn’t all - if you’re an organisation who has staff attending a training courses, you can also see their progress and record keeping!

portal timetable