Generate verifiable student certificates

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for an effortless way to issue student certificates. onCourse is a highly customisable student management system, ecommerce platform and marketing software, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. Automatically create fully compliant certificates for Vocational Education Training (VET), or Certificates of Attendance for non-accredited and professional development course certification. onCourse software produces student certificates with built-in verification that authenticates whether your organisation issued the certificate.

Certificate Automation

Automatically create and send student certificates

It’s time for things to get automated in the classroom. That’s why you need onCourse, an automated way of issuing certificates. Forget about having to think about when you should issue certificates at all - our system automatically takes care of timing and sends out notifications by email, letting students know their certificate is ready to download.

Certificate Customisation

Create impressive certificates that reflect your brand

Education is just one of life’s milestones, and it deserves an equally memorable commemorative. With the option to add vibrant images, font choices, and even upload your own logo - there’s no better way to show off your student’s achievements. onCourse supports the creation of impressive certificates that reflect your organisation’s brand.

Comprehensive Detail

Detailed information for every unit or module awarded

Recognising the importance of celebrating academic achievement, certificates are produced with the level of detail needed to verify every unit or module awarded. For VET training providers, onCourse certificates are 100% compliant and because they’re automatically generated directly from student records, you can be sure they’re accurate every time.

Certificate Verification

Online certificate verification service

onCourse certificate verification is a modern, online portal for quickly and easily verifying certificates of any type. This incredible service makes it easier than ever to verify the authenticity of a certificate issued by your organisation - credential verification by employers and other RTOs just got easier! Anyone can verify a student certificate without needing to contact your organisation.

QR Code Support

Quickly verify certificates using a QR code

It is now easier to demonstrate the authenticity of certificates issued by your organisation with built-in support for QR codes. It can’t get any quicker or more convenient then scanning a certificates’s QR code with your mobile device, displaying the verification page in seconds. With an electronic record of the units completed, student name and date of issue, information appearing on certificates can be authenticated instantly.

Certificate Revocation

Revoke a previously issued certificate

Wish certificates were as easy to revoke as they are to issue? One tap on revoke certificate in onCourse software lets you quickly take care of that business mistake that’s won’t be caught by anyone.

Certificate Sharing

Easily share a certificate on virtually any platform

onCourse software makes sharing certificates simple. With short URLs, your certificate can be shared and verified with ease. Post a certificate to social media, publish on a resume, email to an employer or share with an RTO - certificates can be shared and viewed virtually anywhere!