Effortlessly manage contacts

Education providers throughout Australia choose onCourse for student management. onCourse is a highly customisable student management and marketing system, and is the most comprehensive student management software available today. onCourse powers short course providers, large enterprise, government and universities, with a pricing plan to suit everyone. onCourse has powerful contact management capability at its core. Record and categorise contacts of any type, build relationships between contacts, use tags to categorise and filter and attach documents of any kind. With powerful search capability and the related records feature of onCourse, you can quickly find and navigate through records with ease. onCourse has the flexibility to record everything you need and maintain a rich set of useful information for every contact.


Grow with your business

onCourse is ideal for organisations of every size, from small short course providers to large universities. Our systems scale to billions of records, so onCourse expands with your business no matter how big your organisation grows. It offers quick deployment for new users, high scalability to meet growing student needs, and flexibility for future adaptations as your institution evolves.

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Shared custom searches

Save your common search queries

Keep your most-used searches under one roof. Got a search query you use frequently? Save a custom search either for personal use, or make it available to everyone in your organisation. Saving the most commonly used search queries to give everyone instant access to the data you use most often.


Stay organised with tags

Tagging is the new name for organisation. Attach tags to just about anything in onCourse to help you label, organise, sort and filter data. You can even arrange tags in a hierarchy to group your data logically. Use tags to help create segments of your audience and automatically push customer segments to email marketing software, like MailChimp.


Contact Relations

Connect related contacts

Keeping track of customer relationships was never this easy. With Contact Relations, you can create any number of custom relationship types to suit your needs and link customers together. You’ll be able to see at a glance who’s employed by whom, who is related to them, or which friends are connected with one another. And since contact relations are visible during enrolment, your staff will have reminders about contact relationships that help them engage with your customers.


Add notes for clarity

You can add notes to just about anything in onCourse and they’re automatically timestamped and tagged with the name of the user, with a full audit history maintained. Notes have all the information you need in one place, and we make sure they’re easy to find when you need them!

Built-in Reports

Customisable reports and exports

onCourse gives you the reports and data exports to keep track of what’s most important. Add a custom background to PDF reports to match your brand and include your organisation’s logo. Use any report as is, or copy and modify it to suit your needs. Or use the powerful automation capabilities of onCourse to schedule and distribute reports automatically. With our pre-built reports, custom PDF backgrounds and powerful automation features, there are countless ways to use onCourse for your organisational needs.

Document Management

Effortlessly manage all your documents

When it comes to managing all of your business documents, you need a system that’s secure and easy to use. onCourse delivers. Attach any document to virtually any object in Oncourse. Version control makes compliance simple - if you ever lose an important piece of data, retrace your actions with greater precision than ever before through our document history function.

onCourse provides an effortless way to manage your documents. Attach a document to virtually anything in onCourse.

Flexible Products

Sell courses, products, vouchers and memberships

onCourse Website is one of the easiest ways to get customers loyal to your brand. Set up virtually any kind of product, issue gift vouchers or offer memberships using onCourse software. Sell products to supplement student learning, such as textbooks or audio, issue gift vouchers for special occasions or offer a membership to your high-value customers that provides a special discount on enrolment - give customers the flexibility to buy what they need when they want it.

Products can be sold in number of units for sales completed both within onCourse and via the website.

Two-factor Authentication

Extra-layer login security

It’s time to really lock down your account. Protect yourself with an extra layer of security that doesn’t rely on just usernames and passwords alone. With onCourse’s two-factor authentication (2FA), identifying yourself to an independent device, such as a mobile phone, means that logging in to your account requires both your physical security (the device) and your digital security (your username and password). 2FA is the best way to protect against unauthorised account access.


Payment Card Processing

Real-time credit card processing

Our payment processing service takes all the hassle out of accepting payments in the office or online. Get instant payment card processing through the onCourse software or on your onCourse Website, with funds deposited direct to your bank account the next business day. If you need to process a refund, onCourse automatically handles refund transactions and doesn’t need any card info again!

Quick Enrol

Enrol students fast

Quick Enrol is a dedicated feature in onCourse that helps staff process enrolments faster. Quick Enrol has been carefully tuned to allow staff members to quickly and efficiently process any student’s registration by hand, saving you time and labour costs. With a simple, intuitive interface, your staff can process enrolments with ease.

Enrolment by Application

Easy enrolment to fit your application process

As well as instantly enrolling students, you can also make any enrolment subject to application. Optionally accept any payment upfront and defer approval subject your own internal application processes.

Waiting Lists

Collect expressions of interest

Are your students waiting to see when the next class is scheduled? Wouldn’t it be great if they could be notified, even though there may not be a date set yet? That’s where waiting lists come in. Students can register interest in courses that are unavailable and be notified right away once new dates are arranged.

Promotional Codes

Boost your marketing with promotional codes

If you’re looking for another great way to boost your marketing efforts, it’s time to start handing out promotional codes. Use promotional codes for one-off special offers, early-bird discounts or incentives to specific organisations or groups. You can create open-ended or limited expiration codes with attractive messages that will resonate with your audience.

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Offer discounts of virtually any kind

onCourse software enables discounted pricing for students on virtually any offer, product or service - the sky’s the limit! Easily set discounts by by percentage or amount, set a specific price, limit maximum discounts, set date ranges or require promotional codes for redemption. Offer discounts to students by age, postcode, last enrolment date, purchase value, enrolment count or membership. You can even use negative discounts to charge a fee, such as a surcharge. All discounts are completely integrated with onCourse Website, so students can benefit from your discount strategies whether they enrol online, in person or by phone.

Google Maps

Find the way from anywhere

Our Google Maps integration takes the headache out of finding your way and means everyone knows exactly where to go for their next class, every time. Get directions on a mobile device from any location, whether travelling by car, public transport, foot or cycle.

Point your students in the right direction with Google Maps integration with all your sites

Shared calendars

Course schedules in your pocket, on your wrist and on your desktop

Keep track of everything with onCourse. Our shared calendars make sure students and tutors never miss a beat because you can stay up to date on all changes to any of your courses on desktop, tablet, mobile and smart watch. Stay organised and access course schedules anytime, anywhere.


Seamlessly connect with the tools you already use

onCourse integrates with all of the most popular software so you can enjoy the benefits of more effective student management in onCourse while retaining your investment in existing applications. Connect onCourse with Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, Moodle, LearnDash, TalentLMS, Coassemble and CloudAssess, VET Student Loans, Service NSW voucher redemption, MailChimp, Alchemer (formerly SurveryGizmo) and SurveyMonkey, or contact us for a custom integration.

Corporate Pass

Defer payment for pre-approved employers

Corporate Pass is a new way for pre-approved organisations to enrol students without having to worry about payment. Approve individuals at your client organisations, such as Human Resource Managers, to enrol their staff without payment upfront payment. An invoice is automatically sent to their accounts department for payment based on your agreed terms.

Access Control

Control access to your data

Protecting the privacy of your business data with onCourse means never having to wonder who can see what and where. Easily set permissions by assigning different roles, such as Manager or Employee, and control which parts of your information those people can view. With full audit history, you’ll know changes made to any part of the system. You’ll no longer have to worry about who has the right information or the ability to make changes.

Unlimited Records

No limits on contacts. Process unlimited enrolments

Create as many records as you want without limits or restrictions. Create an unlimited number of contacts and process an unlimited number of enrolments, even on the free community plan.

Unlimited Storage

Never run short of disk space

Nobody likes to run out of space for their documents. With files taking up so much more room these days, it’s can be expensive to have enough storage space. onCourse’s unlimited storage is a smart and convenient solution. You get unlimited disk storage for all kinds of high-quality digital content: documents, photos, videos - you name it! With version control built-in from the start, you’ll never have to worry about losing important changes again.

Unlimited Scripts and Data

No limits on scripts, reports, imports or exports

Do you despise the restrictions and limitations of your current technology solution? We get it, which is why we let you create unlimited scripts and data. Write as many custom scripts as you want, create unlimited custom reports, import and export as much data as you want - there’s no limits.

script close

Custom fields without limits

No limit on custom fields or tags

You can finally track anything you want, your way. Create an unlimited number of custom fields to record just about anything. And with unlimited tag creation, you can sort, filter and categorise your data any way you please.

Batch Email Sending

Send over 100,000 emails with just one click

The email sending software that’s easy to use, highly efficient, and gets the job done. onCourse software allows you to send emails in bulk to students, tutors and other contacts. Send emails to students of a specific class or subject area, email all your teaching staff, or send a campaign to every student in your database. You can send over 100,000 emails in a single batch. Use the powerful (automation)[/features/automation] capabilities of onCourse to schedule and distribute emails automatically.

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Robust infrastructure, so you're always online

Your business is running 24/7. Wouldn’t it be nice if your website did too? onCourse provides clustered, high-availability websites, search, ecommerce and portals to give your students what they need, when they need it. Our uptime accuracy is impeccable — we pride ourselves on aiming for a 99.99% uptime because we know failure isn’t an option for a business like yours!


Tested to extremes

If you need robust software for your organisation, onCourse is built to handle it. onCourse has been tested to the extreme in a real-world environment with an incredible amount of concurrent users and data points. It can take pressure from any angle and keep going strong - we’ve tested onCourse software with over 100 concurrent admin users and hundreds of thousands of students.